Elden Ring in Fortnite? The most unexpected collaboration that may appear in the near future

If there is a crossover that we do not expect, it is that of Fortnite and Elden Ring. However, since its launch last February, FromSoftware’s latest game continues to amaze us with its resourceful community. Between a Gameboy demake, Geralt’s visit to the Underworld, or even the chance to play Darth Vader, there’s never a dull moment in Elden Ring and there are plenty of unexpected crossovers. But the one we are going to tell you about could be the most surprising.

Elden Ring x Fortnite, a possibility?

It all started when a Twitter user by the name of @ShiinaBR, in collaboration with Epic Games, revealed the results of a survey on the social network. The latter was sent by Epic Games to Fortnite players, asking them which universes would you like to see appear in Battle Royale soon.

In the results of this survey we can see the characters of many licenses such as Resident Evil, with Chris Redfield who seems to be the most anticipated video game protagonist by players. However, different Elden Ring characters have entered this type of ranking for the first time, such as Melina and Alexander. The iron fist could make a very good character, both for his form and for his personality, totally atypical.

As for what items could be included in packs for these Elden Ring characters, there are plenty of ideas. Could it be that Melina is using Torrentera as a glider, and knowing the eccentricity of the elements of Fornite, that would not be so surprising. As for Alexander, control a huge jar would be quite interesting on its own, but an emote that summons a living vial, smaller than Iron Fist, could be quite fun.

Elden Ring

What does this all mean?

As @ShiinaBR said in his Tweet: “In the past, these surveys have often revealed upcoming collaborations, so there’s a good chance this list will also include upcoming partnerships.”

It is true that this survey was sent directly by Epic Games, so it is very likely that it is for a very specific purpose: CKnow what the expectations of your players are in terms of collaborations and be able to be inspired by them.

The collaboration between Elden Ring and Fortnite, therefore, is not yet official, although, given the success of FromSoftware’s latest game, it is very likely that it will land in the future. The Middle Lands are thus in the tail, behind many pop culture entities that seem to be highly anticipated.

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