Don’t miss out! Set up WhatsApp for your grandpa

WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications because its instant messaging service allows you to communicate quickly using different formats, from text to images and videos. That is why, although the platform was initially used to a greater extent by the younger generations, today it is an important tool for people of all ages and, especially due to the health contingency caused by Covid-19, Grandparents adopted her. But so that older adults can take full advantage of it, we are going to give you some tips.

It is a fact that it is not easy for older adults to face technology and new ways of communicating, and the use of WhatsApp is an example of this. That is why at Tech Bit, we bring you some tips to facilitate the use of this application and that you can support your grandparents or your elderly loved ones.

1.- How to make the font size bigger in WhatsApp?
Over the years, eyesight is no longer the same and it is very common for grandparents to not be able to read messages in small letters. Fortunately, WhatsApp has a function to increase typography.

To enlarge the letter on an Android device, the first step is to enter the application and press the three points of the “Menu”, which are in the upper right part of the screen. Among the options that will appear is “settings”, click and then choose “chats”. The function to change the “Font size” will appear, the recommendation is that you select the large size.

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If the font size is not large enough to see the messages, you can make another change in the phone settings. To do this, go to the cell phone settings and select the “display” option, then locate the “Text size and display” function. There you can choose the size that best suits your grandpa’s needs.

In the case of iPhone, to make the letter larger, in your menu you must go to “settings”, enter the “screen and brightness” section, select “text size” and make the adjustment.

2.- Change the WhatsApp background
Another option to support older adults in the visibility of messages is to change the background of their chat to a neutral one. To do this, go to the main menu and, in the “chats” section, click on the wallpaper option, there you can choose between different colors proposed by the same platform or select one from the gallery. These steps work for both Android and iPhone.

3.- Pin conversations on WhatsApp
So that older adults can stay in touch with the people they love most, you can pin WhatsApp conversations so they don’t have to search through their chats.

On Android, the first step is to enter the application and press for a few seconds the chat you want to set. A pin option will appear at the top, click on it and that conversation will be the first to be seen when the app opens.

On iPhone you have to select the chat and move it from left to right, at that moment the “pin” icon will appear, click on fix and that’s it.

4.- How to make a WhatsApp widget?
A good option so that they can see their conversations without having to enter the app directly is to create a widget. To do this, look for a free space on the main screen of the cell phone, press until the widget option appears, that is, shortcuts, then select the WhatsApp icon and click on “add”, the app will request a permission, confirm action and done.

5.- Prevent WhatsApp from cluttering the photo gallery
It is common for all the images and videos that are received through WhatsApp to saturate the photo gallery, so that it does not happen on the grandparents’ cell phone, you must do the following:

Enter the WhatsApp settings and go to the chat section. If the device is Android, select “media file visibility”, while on iPhone it is disabled from “Save photos”. In this way, WhatsApp will download the images and videos in a different folder and the content will no longer be mixed, so it will be easier to delete it to free up memory.

6.- Constantly update WhatsApp
Many older adults are unaware that applications or devices have to be updated, so it is worth checking that they have the latest version.

For Android, go to the Google Play Store, click on the avatar in the upper right corner and select “Settings”, go to the “network preferences” option and choose “Auto update”, we recommend updating online only « Wifi”.

On iPhone go to settings, choose “App Store”, select “App updates”, click on “Automatic downloads” and that’s it.

In this way our grandparents will not have to deal with the updates since they will be carried out automatically.

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