Dolce & Gabbana presents its new spring/summer 2023 collection

But they were only part of the parade of Dolce and Gabbana: other outstanding elements were the ripped jeans, reconstructed in fabrics of patchwork; ring groups on several fingers; and jeweled rosaries hung from shimmering breasts that were left bare or visible through embroidered, semi-transparent shirts.

Formal wear included lots of white and lots of black, and oversized suits in cotton gauze or crinkled tech fabrics that look undeniably coolregardless of the generation to which you belong.

“Young people appreciate the beauty of nature. formal outfit in a way they didn’t before,” the designers wrote, “we tested it by doing castings, working on fashion shows and just watching the young people who work with us. The blazer will always embody our idea of ​​elegance, it is our icon, but we continue to believe that elegance is first and foremost an attitude”.

Sunglasses can never be missing.Courtesy Dolce & Gabbana

During the press conference, Gabbana said that “even Beckham, the mogives masculine it was perceived as something for homosexuals or experts, and now, thanks to him, it has become something for everyone”; perhaps he was exaggerating, but it would be difficult to exaggerate the impact of athletes, Beckham among them, in the world of sports. menswear.

However, for Dolce and Gabbana it is not an exercise in nostalgia to go back to past collections. Looking back, they are candid in their appreciation: “We realized we were good,” they wrote. “We also did a lot of stuff that was crap, but some of it was really good.”

Article originally published in GQ Italy.

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