Did Disney reuse the image of Johnny Depp after trial with Amber Heard?

Johnny Depp is one of the most recognized actors worldwide, however, since 2018, the actor saw his career cut short, after being accused by his ex-wife Amber Heard of physical and mental abuse during their marriage.

From the moment that Hard made such statements, several companies decided to stop working with Johnny Depp, being Disney one of them, because the franchise decided to disassociate itself from the famous Hollywood actor.

It is worth mentioning that Disney has the rights to the franchise ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, a famous saga of the Depp has been the main character. Also, for several years, both Disney and the 59-year-old actor have benefited from the franchise. On the one hand, the company obtained a lot of money for these productions, and on the other hand, the artist enjoyed great popularity and recognition for his role as ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’.

However, in 2018 the head of Disney production, Sean Baileyannounced that the interpreter would no longer be part of the future plans of the famous pirate saga, although they never announced that it was because of Amber’s accusation.

However, it was understood that this was the reason, because the famous mouse company does not like to be involved in controversy. They had also announced that the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ saga would continue, but without the participation of Deep, This was stated at the time by the producer of the franchise Jerry Bruckheimer and in replacement of the actor, they would give the leading role to a woman, which is why it would give a twist to the saga.

“We are talking to Margot Robbie. There are two scripts going on, one with her and one without her.”indicated Bruckheimer, in several declarations.

But since the actor was declared innocent before the accusations of Amber Heard, several production companies have said they work with him, there is even a possibility that Disney wants to talk to Johnny Depp again, Proof of this is that the company has recently projected images of ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’ again, in a show at one of its theme parks such as the Magic Kingdom at Disneyland Paris.

Also, during the show there were fireworks and they showed images of the famous character and some of the most popular phrases of this were also heard.

Although the company apparently tried to do a good deed, the actor Johnny Depp did not take it this way, because the interpreter felt betrayed by Disney, for having left him after his ex-wife’s accusations. Similarly, during the trial, Depp made it clear that he would not play ‘Jack Sparrow’ again, even though it was an important character for him.

In addition, the interpreter of ‘Grindelwald’ in the ‘Fantastic Animals’ saga, a character from whom he was also separated by Amber Heard’s statements, He is very angry and at odds with Disney because the company continued to profit from his character.

“They did not remove my character from the attractions. They did not stop selling dolls. They didn’t stop selling anything. They just didn’t want there to be something behind me that they could find,” Depp said.

After all these events, fans of the franchise and the actor have fiercely requested the mouse company, to apologize to the actor, so that he can once again play the famous captain of the Caribbean.

Finally, since the actor was found not guilty, Depp has been concentrating on his other passion, that is, music, taking part in guitarist Jeff Beck’s concerts on his world tour. For now, neither the actor nor any producer has announced that the actor will play a leading role.

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