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On some other occasion I have told you that Titanic is one of my favorite movies (and sometimes even the most). I’m talking about a masterpiece of dramatic and romantic cinema, starring Leonardo Dicaprio Y Kate Winsletand which grossed over $2.2 billion worldwide (counting revivals, of course).

Being the third highest grossing film of all time, a new re-release on the big screen is not necessary, right? Nothing is further from reality, because Titanic returns to theaters around the world in 2023and it does so for a very special reason: take your love story to the new generations that (strange as it may seem) They haven’t lived it yet.

The return of Titanic to theaters

Titanic date in 2023

The re-release of Titanic in theaters will coincide with Valentine’s Day 2023, a perfect date given the romantic symbology that it hides. How can we not want to go to the movies with our partner to see this love story starring a rich woman and a third-class passenger? Attention:

  • The February 10, 2023 it’s the day it’s re-released titanica in USA. ✅
  • The dates of the rest of the territories will be announced later (but they won’t vary too much). ❎
  • Paramount Pictures will distribute it in the United States, and Disney it will do the same in the rest of the world. ⭕️
Titanic revival
The revival of Titanic will be an event

Titanic like you’ve never seen it before

In addition to taking advantage of Valentine’s Day 2023, the re-release of titanica in theaters it has another compelling reason: a 3D 4K HDR and HFT remastered version is in the works (high frame rate), namely, all possible acronyms to make this 1997 movie look better than ever on the big screen. As if it had been released yesterday, I mean.

The Titanic Legacy

titanica It is still the film with the highest number of Oscars: 11 in total, tying years later with The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (although this did not obtain awards in the most important candidacies). Also, was one of the culprits that the production companies exploited the cinema ‘block buster‘ since thenfeature films with a budget of hundreds of millions of dollars called to succeed among the general public. Hence, Titanic is part of the history of cinema and be placed in a privileged place in my heart.

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