Dare to scratch makeup

Dare to scratch makeup

Mexico City

Wearing a perfect face is complicated, because the skin needs different care and nutrients to look radiant despite the signs of age, however, there are a large number of celebrities who, despite using large amounts of make-upthey are not afraid to expose themselves as they are in social networksAlso, they look spectacular. Here we leave you five artists that not even blush, lipstick, or shadows can end their natural beauty.


The 43-year-old Polish actress has revealed how good she looks without a drop of make-up, because on instagram he usually uploads photos where his pure face is seen. Despite the fact that she is considered by many of her fans as an incredibly beautiful woman, the artist has shared on several occasions that she experienced physical problems in her adolescence, because she did not feel pretty, in addition to having difficulties maintaining her weight, so Being blonde and blue-eyed was no guarantee. Paleta currently shares her ideas about her own love with fans and enjoys herself without “filters”.


Lucero, the Mexican singer and host, also known as America’s girlfriend, commonly uses make-up that is striking to highlight her big eyes and her smile on stage, or on television programs, but there are times when the artist, too, he lets his skin rest from the spotlight, moments he shares with his audience.

Dare to scratch makeup


One of the actresses who surprises because it seems that she always wears make-up or filter, is the American Cameron Diaz, because it is only a matter of putting on a red lipstick and showing off her blue eyes. The actress usually uses quite simple makeup, not only in the movies, but also in real life, however, her natural skin still looks radiant.

Dare to scratch makeup

Elizabeth Burr

Isabel Burr is a Mexican actress who rose to fame after starring as Adela in the Colombian series “Niñas mal”, she also participated in the third season of “La casa de las flores”. Isabel she shares on instagram photos in which she looks mostly with make-up. Well-defined eyebrows and vibrantly colored lips, although she has also joined the trend of showing herself as you are like some photos that were taken of her on the beach.

Dare to scratch makeup


Recognized as Lisa, the Blackpink rapper usually climbs her social networks studio photographs where she looks perfectly made up or with outfits from haute couture brands. Although she adorns her profile with said images quite well, she has some of hers where you can see her “washed” face.

Dare to scratch makeup

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