Cristiano Ronaldo and his villa in Portugal: double the costs

It will be ready by the end of 2023 the villa for the buen retiro from Cristiano Ronaldo. Meanwhile, the dream home of the football star it is becoming more and more like thistdare, so much so that the initial figure of the project of 12 million euros has reached 20 million, mainly due to theincrease in material costs that afflicts the entire construction sector.

Ronaldo, however, in spite of what his architects suggest to him to contain expenses, goes straight on his way and keeps the dream of the house high where, having finished his football activity, he decided to go and live with his wife and five children.

Near Lisbon, on a promontory overlooking the Atlantic Ocean

There home of the player will be built within a large plot of land, in thenatural area of ​​Quinta da Marinharight inside the Sintra-Cascais parklocality near Lisbonknown for its wonderful view of the Atlantic Ocean.

L’Manchester United striker wants one perfect home that goes beyond any other estate purchased so far.

Materials: expensive prices

For the initial project of the villa a sweighs 11.7 million euros which has already increased to 19.8 million and it could increase further due to the general increase in the prices of raw materials, much more expensive, compared to a few months ago, not only in Portugal, but also in the rest of Europe, also due to what is happening in Ukraine.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s dream home after his retirement

Cristiano Ronaldo wants to live with the engine at maximum revs, even after the retirement from footballwhen he will spend much more time with his wife and his five children in a super luxurious mansion, designed and engineered as he wished, with the possibility that his mom will have her own space when she visits him with other relatives.

The villa, which should be completed at the end of 2023, is characterized by luxuries that only a millionaire champion like Ronaldo can afford.

The house will be in the center of a huge outdoor park with a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean. It will be equipped with Double poolinternal and external, and a garage big enough to hold up to winds passenger carsin addition to the countless recreational spaces and rooms.

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