Chronicle / Britney Spears wore a diamond thong! on your wedding night

The Princess of Pop confessed that she wore the unusual garment when saying “I do”. (video capture)

Britney Spears’ wedding is giving Jeyma a lot to talk about. If the celebration was already peculiar in itself, including the arrest of her ex-husband, Jason Alexander, for trying to sneak into the event, more details of this link do not stop coming out.

Britney Spears married Sam Asghari a few weeks ago. (PHOTO: @britneyspears)

The arrival of the controversial singer in a carriage in the purest Cinderella style and the detail of the voi glass shoe that she later published on her social networks were two of the elements that stood out the most.

But after all of the above, the detail that left the roll voi speechless now came to light. The “Baby One More Time” singer wore a ra’e voi diamond thong as underwear on her wedding night.

This is how he has unintentionally let it be seen in the videos he has shared of the party on his Instagram profile. The songwriter wore a black tuxedo-type dress for this part of the night. Being short from behind and performing extravagant movements when dancing, it was not difficult for the back of her body to be seen.

“Don’t worry, I was wearing my first diamond thong under my jacket. I hope I have not offended anyone, ”confessed ma katu, the artist herself on her social networks once some of her followers noticed the detail.


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