Burger King CM reacts to marriage proposal with McDonald’s

  • Burger King and McDonald’s are proclaimed as the leading brands in the hamburger market

  • The brands that interact with each other on social media have managed to record positive results in terms of interactions.

  • Interaction in social networks is of vital importance to attract the attention of users and stay present in their lives.

It showed an alleged marriage proposal through a McDonald’s hamburgerfact to which the community manager of Burger King has chosen to react in a comical way before his competition.

Currently the Fast-food restaurants They are extremely important in the daily life of the consumer, allowing them to taste a wide variety of dishes through different international caliber brands that are responsible for offering their respective star product, where consumers have proven to have their favorites.

According to a study conducted by Kantar Millwad Brown on the 100 most valuable brands around the world, it is shown that between fast food chains with the highest brand value during 2021 are McDonald’s, who led with 154 thousand 921 million dollars, Starbucks with 60 thousand 267 million dollars, Subway with 14 thousand 732 million dollars, Domino’s Pizza with 12 thousand 397 million dollars and Burger King with 6 thousand 700 million dollars, among other recognized brands that operate in the sector.

Although there is a wide variety of brands that sell pizzas, fried chicken, sandwiches and more, Burger King and McDonald’s are constantly competing for dominance in the hearts of consumers; however, to determine their success, it would be worth considering their actions that have taken them to the top, both in logistics, product quality and other actions to be explored, as well as their marketing strategies.

Constantly having to “fight” to monopolize the market, brands sometimes carry out some marketing strategies in which they seek to “attack” the competition in a friendly waya fact which ends up being considerable publicity for the companies involved, a fact that has been shown to increase in the world of social media.

On this occasion, a user has made a publication with the message “do you want to McCasarte with me?” referring to the fact that it is a marriage proposal with the help of a mcdonald’s hamburger; however, the community manager of Burger King Spain has managed to respond to him.

This because of Burger King community manager implied that, being a McDonald’s hamburger, it was most likely that the user’s beloved had run away, demonstrating a comical response to his perception of the competition and remembering the opportunity that carrying out this type of strategy entails since This publication was quickly shared by various users and pages on social networks, managing to attach more than 500 reactions in less than a day.

Considering that Digital 2022 shows that More than half of the world’s population is already present on social mediathe presence on this type of platform is shown as essential to remain present in the mind of the consumer, a reality that is achieved thanks to the interaction that the respective social media professionals have with their community, the community managers.

In order to increase the number of followers and improve the perception of brands in social networks, lCommunity managers are committed to carrying out certain types of strategies that allow them to position themselves before the digital conversationwhere professionals from large companies have found a good opportunity to increase their number of interactions when collaborating with each other.

We found an example of this some time ago when the community manager of Netflix and Spotify chose to launch a type of joint strategy in which they were shown singing to the rhythm of a common character that has brought them millions of views and listens on their respective platforms, Bad Bunny, generating thousands of interactions by users, who received these publications widely, a fact that they achieved position them in trend.

The interaction between brands is shown as an attractive content strategy that manages to attract the attention of Internet users.

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