Britney Spears wants a honeymoon in Hawaii

Britney Spears credit:Bang Showbiz

Britney Spears credit:Bang Showbiz

Britney Spears married ‘Hot Seat’ actor Sam Asghari in early June, and the couple are reportedly hoping to celebrate their honeymoon “somewhere international” once he’s finished promoting the movie. your next tape.

A source close to the couple revealed to E! News that the pop star and her husband have enjoyed a lot of time together as newlyweds and would be planning a honeymoon in a month, after Sam’s press tour is over: “They want to go to Hawaii or somewhere international “said the informant.

Similarly, he explained that the creator of the hit song “…Baby One More Time” – who regained control of her fortune and various aspects of her life after the guardianship governed by her family ended in 2021 – feels now “very fearless” and is a “new woman” since her nuptials.

The source added, “Britney feels very fearless and is in total happiness since she married Sam. She is very happy and feels like she is a new woman now.”

The wedding – attended by the likes of Paris Hilton, Madonna, Selena Gomez and Drew Barrymore – was not without drama as Britney’s first husband, Jason Alexander, tried to crash the celebration.

Britney, who was married to her childhood friend for just 55 hours in 2004 before marrying former dancer Kevin Federline that same year and divorcing him in 2007, has fired her entire security team following the incident.

Another person close to the singer stated: “She has fired her entire security team and has done a complete overhaul of her equipment. She was feeling very insecure and the security at her wedding was a disaster.”

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