Britney Spears’ dad sues her for defamation

The topic of therapy was raised during the emotional testimony of Britney Spears in court in 2021. At various times, she noted that the twice-weekly sessions were emotionally draining on her; that she preferred to have the sessions at her home instead of the office she was on her way to; that she didn’t want to open up to people (especially men) she didn’t know or trust; and, ultimately, that therapy was not her preferred method of healing. “I shouldn’t go to a man I don’t know and share my problems with him,” she said, “I don’t even believe in therapy. I always think you’re taking him to God.”

In the midst of her struggle for autonomy, Britney Spears accused her family of being part of the plot against her. Image Group LA

Pop princess He expanded on other claims and accusations through posts on social media, so it is noteworthy that his Instagram account, which he frequently updates, is currently offline. However, this has happened before, although she has already returned. In September 2021 he took a social media break to enjoy his engagement to Asghari; since they recently got married, maybe she’s on her honeymoon!

Meanwhile, in legal land, the jamie’s lawyer and the Britne’s lawyerand are each saying that the other’s client is dodging requests for comment, according to TMZ.

Jamie Spears, You’re Toxic!

Article originally published in Glamor US,, adapted by Paola Juárez.

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