Billie Eilish talks about the “bad relationship” with her body

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    billie eilish He has spoken about his body again – something he has done from time to time in the past, to vindicate the ‘bullying’ he has received and receives – but this time, his intention has been to confess that he continues to have a very bad relationship with the. As you well know, when Billie rose to fame, her aesthetic revolved around baggy clothes, a way of dressing that has defined her during the first years of her career, and that we recently learned that she had adopted because she escaped at all costs. that her body became sexualized.

    The artist has spoken about this issue on several occasions and now, in a recent interview with the British medium The Sunday Times, she has revealed that she has always hated her body, and that she even hurt herself because of that hatred. “I don’t have a good bond. My relationship with my body has been something really horrible and terrible since I was 11 years old. You see, I love that it is mine and that it is with me wherever I go. I think of it as my friend. My ugly friend! It’s complicated,” he said.

    In addition, the singer verbalized something that many fans can identify with, as well as her conclusion, related to making a toxic effort to feel accepted by the environment: “I never feel desired. I have the concern of feeling so undesirable that sometimes I I’ve tried too hard to be desirable. And it makes me sad to think about it.”

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    Billie is a girl of only 20 years who today has accumulated multiple awards and unmatched worldwide recognition, even so, mental health and how you manage your own feelings is the key to having the greatest possible balance. In that sense, the international star is on the right track, as she tells it, she goes to therapy “once a week”.

    Hopefully she can knock down that self-perception of herself, because as she says, “Ours is a very crazy world to be a woman.”

    Cheer up Billie!

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