Billie Eilish said last Coachella wasn’t her but her double • Studio magazine

During an interview with Matt Wilkinson of Apple Music 1, Billie Eilish has revealed that she “fooled” fans who went to Coachella to see her. Or rather, she fooled them for the first two minutes of the concert. To go up on stage instead of her, in fact, at the beginning of the show she was one of her “double” of her, one of the dancers who always accompany her during her shows. “She used one of the looks from my previous concerts. We put a black wig on her head, we gave her a mask and sunglasses, she put on my shoes and socks. And no one realized it wasn’t me. Literally no one has noticed. And while she was there on stage, I walked around wearing a black coat, a reflective jacket, a hood pulled over my head and sunglasses. “

According to the reconstruction made by New York Post, the “exchange of person” would have taken place in the very first minutes of the concert. While fragments of “Oxytocin” and “Happier Than Ever” were playing, on stage, amidst columns of smoke and flashing lights, a girl appeared apparently very similar to Eilish. On the Coachella big screens, however, the girl’s face was never shown until, after almost two minutes, the real Billie Eilish took her place on stage and started singing “bury a friend”.

As Bethy Squires wrote on Vulture, in this Eilish “deception” there is probably no political or artistic message to unearth. Despite this, there are many who are interpreting it as a message from the singer to the media system. Eilish has always been very critical of the way the media portray her aesthetic of her. «How you do it, you do it wrong. If I wear baggy clothes, no one finds me attractive, I feel unlovable and unsexy and ugly, plus people criticize you for not being feminine enough. ‘

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