Beyoncé, the new single is Break My Soul. Meaning and 5-point review (one is that he wants you to quit your job!)

Here are our top five thoughts on Break My Soul:

It’s a house pop song

When the editor-in-chief of Vogue described Beyoncé’s next album as a blaring wall of sound, we weren’t expecting that at all. But just as the ’80s were the nostalgic hit of the moment, the roaring’ 20s will clearly host a flood of references to the ’90s as well – and what’s better than a little real House?

Beyoncé wants you to quit your job

It might be (read: it’s absolutely, unequivocally) easier for someone worth the GDP of a small state to spout eloquent words about the unsophisticated nature of having a job, but hey – those of us who have never wanted to break free from the shackles of our capitalist masters? “They work my nerves, that’s why I cannot sleep at night” – you have to join a union, Bey.

Big Freedia is back in a big way

Sampled here, in the post-smash chorus (“Release ya anger / release ya mind, / Release ya job / Release the time” … we’ll never get it out of our heads, will we?). Big Freedia has collaborated with B. several times, including for the flagship single of Lemonade, Formation. They are distant, but formal similarities are felt: Formation sounds like a nü-house tune. Another little connection with Drake? The artist also participated in his number one song of 2018, Nice For What.

It is the second sampling of Show Me Love of 2022!

And why shouldn’t it be? Show Me Love is one of the definitive songs of the 90s, that post-Cold War decade where everything seemed possible and everything was going well, even if only for twelve years or so (and gee, that intoxicating optimism didn’t collapse quickly to the ground). Perhaps this is why returns to the era are becoming so important: contemporary artists are stealing some of the positivity of the past. In any case, this year Show Me Love has been sampled twice in major tracks, the last of which came with Used to Know Me by Charli XCX, who does not talk about the exploitation of the proletariat but is, in the same way, a strong point.

Jay-Z to production

Although not featured in the song, Bey’s husband (who brought the kids to the set when British Vogue photographed her for her latest cover – and how nice!) is in the credits. Sing with me: “It’s a family affair …”.

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