Anne Hathaway Reveals Her Favorite ‘The Devil Wears Fashionable’ Look

In a recent interview, Anne Hathaway revealed for the first time what was the look with which she felt herself while filming one of her most famous films, discover the best kept secret of the talented and multifaceted actress.

Important breaking news:Anne Hathaway has revealed her favorite look from ‘The Devil Wears Prada’! Or, more to the point, the Oscar-winning actress has shared which outfit from the movie she likes the most, which she definitely counts as her favorite look, right? In the cover story of Interview magazine, the actress who gave life to Andrea Sachs answered questions from his fans and friends (of the famous variety). the fashion designer Michael Kors asked to Anne Hathaway Which costume from ‘The devil wears fashion’ is the most Anne?, no Andy (his character from the endless 2006 film).


“Michael Kors and I lived in the same building. We had the funniest lobby in New York at the time,” he said. Hathaway to explain their friendship, “but it’s a chicken-and-egg thing, because what I consider my style is heavily influenced by having worked with Patricia Field(creator of the looks of ‘Sex and the City’), and having conversations with her about putting together outfits. But I love what I wore to the party James Houltthat velvet coat chanell knee-length, and then the miniskirt and stockings and sagging boots. I think it was a sample because I kept finding straight pins in it.”

So… it’s the Chanel outfit that’s her favourite, but not the brand’s boots, which have become one of the internet’s biggest memes.

What is the look that Anne Hathaway regrets wearing?

For the interview, Anne Hathaway also spoke with the fashion designer Mark Jacobswho asked her if there is anything she regrets wearing.

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