Anne Hathaway and her skincare routine for beautiful skin without botox!

This and the previous one are two tricks that dermatologists always mention on the way to a well-groomed complexion, and more so if one is not willing to apply botox like her. Do you remember when the actress confessed that at 23 she was told that she needed botox and she refused? Well, she has replaced the injections with the natural anti-aging methods that we already mentioned, and that are really infallible!

Yes to eye contour

Browsing on YouTube, we came across a video in which Anne Hathaway reveals another of his musts of beauty: The Pure Real Eye Cream for Face, by AHC. It is an anti-aging product based on hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5, rice extract, among other active ingredients, that moisturizes and softens the delicate skin around the eyes, an aspect that really matters to you. In 2019, Hathaway told Allure that her main facial concerns were ‘dryness, redness and crow’s feet’, so now we understand her. Anything else that applies to her look? Yes, the gold patches of Chantecaille.

Coconut oil and other natural ingredients

In the same previous interview, the protagonist of Ocean’s 8 told Allure that she carries coconut oil in her cosmetic bag and that whenever he can, he ‘makes his own products’ and stores them in glass or biodegradable materials. The last thing he bought that time was: beeswax granules, cocoa butter and mica powder. ‘Right now, I am planning to make my own body shine,’ he assured.

Can you believe that natural ingredients are so important in Anne’s beauty routine?

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celebrity facials

Like any Hollywood star, the actress who gave life to Mía Thermopolis goes for treatments with the top facialists, such as Tracie Martyn, who has Rihanna, Rosalía and Karlie Kloss on her agenda. She is the one who offers the famous ‘red carpet facial’ that many celebrities use during awards season, although she also performs facials for a lifting natural, detox and with LED light. What will Anne do next?

with all these beauty secrets what have you discovered about Anne Hathawayit’s time for you to start practicing them (at least the first two) for a beautiful and above all, healthy complexion, no matter what age you are!

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