Amber Heard has the closest face to perfection, study reveals

Actress Amber Heard, who has lost her libel suit against Johnny Depp, has one of the most perfect faces, according to the mathematical formula of the golden ratio. This was determined by the study of Dr. Julian de Silva, a cosmetic surgeon, who gave him a percentage of 92%, followed by Kim Kardashian and Kate Moss.

This was possible to determine from using the technology known as face mapping; De Silva, who is a pioneer in technological beauty scoring, analyzed Amber’s eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, chin, jaw and face shape, using a computerized facial algorithm based on Greek theory.

In 2016, De Silva also indicated that, in addition to Amber Heard’s face being 91.85%, close to beauty perfection, Kim Kardashian’s face was 91.39%, so she can be considered the second woman with the face. most beautiful, while the third is Kate Moss, with 91.06%. As for the next rungs on the list, the specialist pointed out, according to the ‘Daily Mail’, that they follow: Emily Ratajkowski, with 90.8% and Kendall Jenner, with 90.18%.

In 2019, Julian de Silva and other specialists determined that Bella Hadid was the most beautiful woman in the world.

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