Amber Heard could have staged the shopping photos at TJ Maxx to sell herself!

Ahe beginning, the story of Amber Heard in TJ Maxx It seemed too surreal to be true. There are a lot of inconsistencies that don’t add up to where it was seen and how the images were taken. But OnlineRadar just released a more detailed evidence report suggesting the actress staged the entire story with her sister.

According to an expert who works with this kind of paparazzi footage, there’s no way a photographer doesn’t want credit for taking a photo that will make headlines around the world. More evidence also suggests that Amber Heard’s sister He was the one who took the photos and the video. In the pictures, the actress appears to have a basket full of laundry. T. J. Maxx and leaves her unattended as soon as she realizes she is being filmed.

When the first headlines began to appear, there was a lot of sympathy for Amber Heard, since they said that she was broke or that she was going through financial problems. But the evidence already suggests that she just wants people to feel sorry for her with this latest stunt.

Maybe you wanted to get the public out of your case after losing your trial, or you want to present an image of a broke person who can’t pay Johnny Depp your money. Whatever the case, this is a new low point even for her. Last Wednesday, her inner circle was complaining that YouTubers and celebrity gossip accounts were after her. Now this is coming out and she is not helping her in any way.

Did Amber Heard’s strategy work?

Like we said before, it’s almost as if Amber Heard doesn’t have a PR team to tell her that these staged antics aren’t in her best interest. The images were first “sold” to TMZ, they’re just lucky enough to always get scoops like this. Also, you never see any celebrity in the hamptons on the streets, so paparazzi generally stay away from those areas.

Amber Heard could have been caught in a lie again, her damage control skills are poor as she clearly needs a new PR firm to help her with these things. She should let the professionals do her job so she doesn’t get caught red-handed. Regardless of intentions and outcome, T. J. Maxx he loves all this publicity.

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