All Chris Evans movies and series, and where you can watch them legally

Chris Evans is one of the highest paid actors todayand although many link it exclusively to the UCMthere is much beyond your Captain America. However, he has already left the franchise and continues to star in projects, so he does not lack work.

Coinciding with his role in Lightyeara film in which he lends his voice to a Buzz very different from the one you knowI’m going to review all the movies of Chris Evansand also to its series, because believe it or not, it has some episodic incursions that may sound familiar to you if you are a regular on the small screen.

All Chris Evans movies

The beginnings of Chris Evans: from The Newcomers, to Cellular

  • Cellular is not available on any platform streaming. ⛔️

No one said beginnings were easy, and until David R Ellis trusted Chris Evans to star Cellularthe actor chained movies that passed without pain or glory: The Newcomers (2000), Not Another Teen Movie (2001), The Perfect Score (2004) and Fierce People (2005) are just some of them. Now we all agree Cellulara thriller very successful action film, it was his first leading role of any relevance.

Chris Evans 1
Chris Evans was the Human Torch in Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four (and Silver Sufer)

  • You can watch both movies fantastic four in Disney+. ✅

In agreement, fantastic four (and its sequel, Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer) is a very bad superhero movie. But at that time, the first installment triumphed. Y Chris EvansBy the way, he was more handsome than ever, it must be said. Now, I just hope that with the reboot preparing Marvel Studios fix the bad image that remained in our imagination in the early 2000s.

London: Dark Obsession

  • London: Dark Obsession is not available on any platform. streaming. ⛔️

A drama with all the letters that was battered by critics, and that the public received with open arms. In addition, led by a luxury cast: Chris EvansJessica Biel Y Jason Statham. Here Evans plays a New York junkie (as he is described in the synopsis) who goes from bad to worse in his life, and who decides to follow his ex-girlfriend to Los Angeles.

A little end of the world with Sunshine


  • Sunshine is not available on any platform streaming. ⛔️

Interesting science fiction and catastrophe film directed by Danny Boyleand starring again Chris Evans. It is one of my favorite films of the genre, although today it cannot be seen in a legal way anywhere.

diary of a nanny

  • Diary of a Babysitter is not available on any platform. streaming. ⛔️

Here, Chris Evans it is only a secondary character, but as a romantic comedy it is so funny thanks to the role that its protagonist marks, Scarlett Johansson.

Owners of the street

David Yesterdaythe director of the failed version of suicide squaddirects here an interesting thriller starring Keanu ReevesHugh Laurie Y Chris Evans. After the death of his wife, Tom Ludlow, a veteran Los Angeles police officer, is having the worst time of his life. When tests implicate him in the execution of a partner, Tom everyone’s moral integrity and loyalty begins to be questioned.

Chris Evans Street Owners
Street Owners, a fairly competent thriller with Chris Evans in the cast


thriller of science fiction that can be seen by how simple it is, and that reminds me a lot of Heroes, but with a promising beginning, and a rather discouraging ending. In any case, aesthetically it is very good, and if you like Chris Evansthis film should not be missing in your marathon.


Judicial drama that exemplifies the history of the struggle between David Y Goliathbut updating the myth to our times. Chris Evans is a drug-addicted lawyer who is thrust into a legal fight against a large pharmaceutical supply corporation.

chris evans addicted
Addicted, by Chris Evans, is like the story of David and Goliath

Marvel: from Captain America to Avengers Endgame

  • you can see all the UCM in Disney+. ✅

The most important role of Chris Evans is undoubtedly the Captain Americaa character he began playing in 2011 with the first avengerand from whom he said goodbye definitively with Avengers: Endgame. You can watch all his movies on Disney+Platform of streaming who owns the UCM completely.

Snowbreaker (Snowpiercer)

  • You can see Snowbreaker (Snowpiercer) in Prime Video. ✅

An experiment to solve global warming ended most life on the planet. The last train called Snowpiercer it circles the world, through a desert of ice and snow. The last survivors on Earth pile into their wagons. And watch out, because it’s one of my favorite movies of Chris Evans. Now, never watch the series Netflixbecause it lowers the bar too much.

Before you leave

It’s not a good movie, it’s true. But Before you leave is interesting because it is the first cinematographic work that Chris Evans He has directed (and starred in). Hence, you have to see it if you want to know the director’s side with which he debuted here.

daggers in the back

  • You can see daggers in the back in hbo max. ✅

Black comedy starring Daniel Craig, Ana de Armas Y Chris Evans, in which a crime is investigated in a mansion. This is one of the best original films of recent years, and its sequel will premiere exclusively on Netflix.

Other Chris Evans movies

  • The losers.
  • Scott Pilgrim against the world.
  • Tell me with how many.
  • The Iceman.
  • Let yourself be loved.
  • An exceptional gift.
  • Rescue in the Red Sea.
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Water Crisis.
  • Free Guy (small role).

All series by Chris Evans

Defending Jacob

magnificent series of AppleTV+ in which Chris Evans plays a troubled man. 8 episodes full of intrigue that became one of the best miniseries of 2020, although few watched it because it was on a minority streaming platform.

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