Alexis Vega, the signing they want to accompany Santi Giménez

In the middle of the summer transfer market, the sports director of The Blue Cross Machine, Jaime Ordiales, revealed that his list of possible reinforcements included the name of the striker from the Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara, Alexis VegaWell, he was one of the footballers who filled his eye in the national market.

In a dynamic carried out on the ESPN program, Futbol Picante, Ordiales was invited to rank Cruz Azul’s objectives in this Opening 2022surprising the panelists by not placing the championship as the main goal in his management.

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“Title. Any person in this institution and any aspiring to work at Cruz Azul, is what we always aspire to”, commented Ordiales, relegating the championship to fifth place in his priorities.

“Basic Forces, resume Basic Forces, but I go in order of how we have to work. It’s the job. What we did is that Raúl Gutiérrez is our U-20 coach. We are trying to rethink, a methodology coordinator. Put everything that is said and then not done, ”he commented often.

  1. Teamwork
  2. Improve Basic Forces
  3. Congruence
  4. Leadership
  5. Title

Upon reaching the third goal, Ordiales mentioned congruence, assuring that it is more important to do what they say, giving as an example the case of Santi Giménez, for whom they bet as a center forward, accepting that he lacks a partner in attack, at which point he confessed that Chivas striker Alexis Vega was an ideal footballer to reinforce Cruz Azul’s attack, but his high record makes it impossible to bid for his transfer.

“We have to complement for the next two, we want a competitive team, we are going to bring a complement for ‘Chaquito’. In the Mexican market it is very expensive and very difficult to find a Mexican striker. Maybe the people from Chivas are upset, but we would have loved to have Alexis Vega. This is how Diego (‘Chaquito’ headline) has externalized me”.

“We owe ourselves to a hobby, it’s a show and we have to be a competitive team and that leads us to a championship,” added the manager.

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