After criticizing them, now Keanu Reeves becomes an advisor to a foundation that encourages artists to do NFT

At the end of 2021, at the height of the NFT, Keanu Reeves spoke about this crypto art, coinciding with the presentation of the fourth installment of Matrix. Nevertheless, his opinion seemed far from his last action.

They can be easily reproduced“, commented the actor when asked about these pieces of virtual art that, in addition, had been marketed for the premiere of the film. Although the journalist from Variety highlighted its exclusivity and told him that it is not the same, the 57-year-old interpreter joked about using copies of them to record scenes.

But now, the protagonist of John Wick has surprised with an unexpected move: it has become Advisor to Futureverse Foundationcharity initiative that encourages artists to submit their works on NFT for the metaverse.

I am honored to join the efforts of Non-Fungible Labs in cooperation with Alexandra Grant for the Futureverse Foundation’s extraordinary program and opportunity in support of artists and creators worldwide,” Keanu Reeves said, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

His incorporation into this initiative is causing numerous comments, especially in reference to his change of opinion about this crypto art. Some they point out that it could be Alexandra Grant, his girlfriendwho has motivated this change, since she is also an advisor to the foundation.

“It’s new for all of us to think of partnerships between the art world, Hollywood and technology coming together in such a beautiful way… This is the beginning, it is an incipient moment of a technological change where some people understand that they’re already in the metaverse, and others don’t know what an NFT is,” the artist said of the organization.

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