5 miniseries to do a marathon if you don’t want to set off firecrackers tonight

Welcome to the festival of Sant Joan, the shortest night of the year, but also the heaviest for those who can’t stand firecrackers. The alternative? Sofa, blanket —well, blanket in this heat maybe not necessary— and television with the volume turned up high to dilute the outside noise of the fireworks. And since the fireworks can last all night, you can also do it from home watching a miniseries that hooks you and fascinates you. That is why we recommend five fictions to do a marathon during this magical night with proposals for HBO Max, Netflix, Disney+, AppleTV+ Y Amazon-Prime.

1. The city is our (HBOMax)

Unlike tonight’s firecrackers, too little noise has made the return of David Simon on the streets of Baltimore with what we could almost define as a new mini installment of TheWire, aka one of the great masterpieces in the history of television. Inspired by real cases of police corruption, with only four chapters narrates the complex situation after the death of Freddie Gray in police custody, the wave of riots and consequent murders and the response of the authorities with unconventional methods.

two. manic (Netflix)

Another miniseries that went quite unnoticed despite having stars like Emma Stone YJonah Hill in front. They both play Annie Landsberg Y Owen Milgrim, two strangers who participate in the final stages of a mysterious pharmaceutical trial that has to help them overcome any mental illness and forget the ghosts of the past. Obviously, the experiment does not go as expected, and the series becomes a labyrinth of emotions, colors and changes of tone that concludes brilliantly in the last chapter.

3. Only murders in the building (DisneyPlus)

Only murders in the building It’s not really a miniseries, but now is the perfect time to do a marathon, because next week it premieres its second season on Disney+. Ideal for those who seek to escape through comedy, it tells the story of three lonely residents of a building where a murder occurs, who decide to start investigating together while narrating it on a podcast. A fiction that offers us constant twists as well as hilarious moments elevated by the interpretations of Steve Martin, Martin Short Y Selena Gomez.

Four. Defending Jacob (AppleTV+)

Defending Jacob You are guaranteed to be hooked to the screen for 8 excellently constructed episodes. Because its initial premise already captivates the viewer: an assistant prosecutor who is investigating a murder case of a 14-year-old boy from which it turns out that the main suspect is his own son. Interpreted by Chris Evansthe protagonist will have constant moral dilemmas between his duty to justice and his love for his son, while the script makes us constantly doubt whether the murderer is who everyone says he is.

5. stories not to sleep (Amazon Prime)

And since you won’t be able to sleep anyway because of the noise of the firecrackers, it won’t change much if you wear stories not to sleep. Four independent horror stories based on the classic format of Narciso Ibanez Serrador and starring important names in Spanish cinema, such as David Verdaguer, Vicky Luengo, Miki Esparbé, Inma Cuesta and Dani Rovira. And also known are its directors, among whom we find Rodrigo Sorogoyen either Paco Squareresponsible for the best episode of the series: Freddy.

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