Yuya calls his baby ‘Tidal Wave’ when he does mischief and is compared to Kylie Jenner’s daughter: “The Mexican Stormi”

Network users compared Mar with Stormi (Photos: Instagram)
Network users compared Mar with Stormi (Photos: Instagram)

Since Yuya had his baby Marthe youtuber has earned the affection of Internet users even more, because from his social networks he has shared a little about how he has carried first motherhood. It was so, on this occasion, the influencer moved her followers and unleashed all kinds of reactions after announcing that theand says of love Seaquake your son when he gets into mischief.

It was from his instagram, where Yuya showed two short clips in which his baby is observed while playing with a turntable and the vinyl that was inside it.

“Tidal wave sometimes”, wrote the influencer without knowing the scope that said nickname would have among Internet users

And it is that, after the curious moment shared from his personal account, the users of Twitter They quickly picked up the moment and were soon comparing the little sea to Stormi Webster, the daughter of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott.

“Yuya says ‘Twisting’ to Mar when she makes a mess hahahahahaha”, It was the first tweet posted by @BremauntzFF and it reached more than 19,000 likes.

Mar appeared playing with a turntable (Photo: IG yuyacast)
Mar appeared playing with a turntable (Photo: IG yuyacast)

The answers quickly began to arrive and the users did not stop comparing the two little ones: “It is the equivalent of the stormi in Mexican”. “Hahaha after Kylie uploaded Stormi and called her ‘The Storm’ and now this Yuya thing with more pleasure I start to see stories on Instagram”.

Likewise, other Internet users were touched by the relationship between Yuya and Mar, for which they expressed their desire to be part of the influencer’s family.

“Yuya always making our wombs tremble.” “I also want my tidal wave.” “Disappointed because my mother did not take advantage of calling me a tidal wave when it was a disaster.” “If there are other universes, I hope to be Yuya’s daughter in one”, they wrote.

The famous businesswoman and member of the clan Kardashian-Jenner, Kylie Jenner, decided to call his firstborn Stormy (Storm)one of the most envied and popular girls in the world thanks to the eccentric gifts that she constantly receives as well as the great mental maturity that her mother does not hesitate to demonstrate in each story that her mother publishes, being not only known by her “strange” name , but for possibly being the face of the new generation of his family.

But the controversy around Stormi has crossed borders and after the Mexicans decided to nickname her Storm, Kylie surprised her networks by showing a story in Instagram where the little girl was seen walking at the Houston Museum of Natural Science and lightning thundered next to her.

“Storm”, was what Kylie wrote.

Kylie told him "Storm" to Stormi (Photo: IG kyliejenner)
Kylie said “The Storm” to Stormi (Photo: IG kyliejenner)

Internet users were quick to react and were excited by the fact that the famous American understood her daughter’s nickname in Spanish.

I laughed 10 years with kylie saying the storm to stormi really made my night tqm”. “Dear twitter, today June 15, kylie jenner published in her Instagram stories her daughter stormi her and put ‘the storm’. I will always remember it. Thank you kylie for so much, sorry for so little”, Internet users posted on Twitter.


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