Will Chris Hemsworth overtake Hugh Jackman as the longest-serving actor playing the same superhero?

Thor: Love and Thunder will mark Chris Hemsworth’s eighth appearance as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This would put him on the same level as another beloved actor who also seems born to bring a superhero to life: Hugh Jackman. After leaving with Logan in 2017, the actor had played Wolverine a total of 7 times throughout the X-Men franchise. Thus, both are tied for the position of actors who have played the same hero the most times.

With the arrival of Spider-Man: No Way Home there are those who say that The longest running superhero spot should go to Tobey Maguire. His argument is that, if we count from the premiere of the first Spider-Man movie, he is the one who has been giving life to the same character the longest. Despite this, I think that the consistency and quantity of the performances of Hugh Jackman and Chris Hemsworth give them the advantage.

Chris Hemsworth wants the record

Even though most of his classmates avengers have already left the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor keep going. And it is that Chris Hemsworth has mentioned in a recent BBC Radio 1 interview that he plans to be the God of Thunder for a long time:

  • The interviewer asked Chris Hemsworth if I would be willing to keep swinging the hammer 6 more years to beat Jackman’s 16. ❔
  • Hemsworth replied that although “I had not thought about it”the journalist proposed “a good argument”. ❗
  • Subsequently, he stated that are “only six years” and that to give “half a turn now would be a waste”. ⚡
wolverine thor first role
Jackman and Hemsworth’s first appearances as Wolverine and Thor.

What the interviewer also highlighted, Ali Plumbis that a possible Hugh Jackman cameo in Deadpool 3 would ruin Hemsworth’s plans. Faced with this forecast, the God of Thunder said that the only thing he needs is his own role in the new tape of the loudmouth mercenary. So who knows? Deadpool 3 could be a cameo fest.

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