What Tatán Mejía takes for his moments of creativity

Tatan Mejia He has shown all his creativity in the number one cooking competition in the world, where he has managed to position himself as one of the favorites for the final stage.

The professional motorcyclist has always shown himself on social networks as a person who focuses and disciplines himself for his projectsFor this reason, he recently decided to share with his more than two million followers one of his tricks when it comes to concentrating and generating ideas.

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The biker cited his stunt as stemming from a close friend’s story with a famous American film director.

Tatán Mejía’s trick to generate great ideas

Tatán shared through his Instagram stories a moment when he was having coffee and reflecting on an event that occurred during his day at his daughters’ school.

It was there that he took the opportunity to tell his followers that at some point in his life a great friend had told him that he had been with one of the greatest film directors but he did not clearly remember if it was steven spielberg either Quentin Tarantino.

In that meeting the question had arisen of how to create and take his brain to another levelto which the character had confessed that he drank coffee with a tablespoon of coconut oil in the morning.

A combination that the motorcyclist began to practice in his moments of creating ideas and conceptssomething that according to him has worked for him to exploit and get the best ideas.

I have been using it when I am creating, and for me it works, it makes your head explode and makes ideas and colors come out.

Tatán Mejía trick for ideas

After telling the story and revealing his trick of inspiration, the actor joked with his youngest daughter, Macarena, who has stolen the show in some videos of her parents, because with her great charisma and cunning more than once she has entertained the netizens.

This time she surprised her dad by applying part of the coconut product to her hair, so Tatán joked that this product was so good that it was even used to apply it to her hair like her daughter did.

Likewise, the professional motorcyclist confessed that his great friend, the actress Manuela Gonzalezhad given him one of those bottles of coconut oil.

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