What series and movies to watch today, June 22?


days of future past


Poland, 2018, THRILLER, UKRONIA, 50-63 minutes. (8 episodes).

In an alternative historical line, what we used to call uchrony, the Berlin Wall never fell and communism has continued to rule Poland, in an increasingly totalitarian way, thanks to a terrorist attack that took place in 1983. Twenty years later, a student of law and an investigator discover the conspiracy that has maintained the power of the state. History may change again in this thriller dystopian, with episodes directed by Agniezska Holland. NETFLIX.

the c-team


United States, 1997-1998. ADVENTURES, FANTASY, 60 minutes. (22 episodes).

Mr. Universe Ralf Möller, a colleague of Arnie, brought to life the hero of Sword and Sorcery by Robert E. Howard in this nice version for all audiences. Confronted by the sorcerer Hissah Zuhl, tyrant of Cimmeria, Conan leads a group of rebels fighting for justice against the forces of evil. For unprejudiced lovers of fantastic adventure. AMAZON PRIME / PLUTO TV.

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