what a turning point for the future of the Brazilian!

Neymar has clear ideas for his future and has decided to change everything. The footballer is training hard for a new career that could start very soon, as shown by these images.

Neymar Jr. is ready to change his life. The future of the Brazilian PSG phenomenon could be in the balance as never before in this hot summer, with many offers on the table and a decision to make to be able to make sense of his career or, why not, start a new one, in a completely different world. That world that has always attracted him and for which he’s been training hard all his lifeas demonstrated by these images that went viral.

Neymar (ANSA)

We know very well that for some time the champion has not been experiencing the most brilliant period of his football life. The star who had impressed everyone from a very young age at Santos, earning the nickname of Pele’s heir, not just any legacy, in these five years in Paris he has given great plays, but even very long breaks, thanks to some injuries too many. And this is also why he is now considered a footballer by the club expendable.

According to rumors circulating in French circles close to the Brazilian, however, Neymar he would not want to leave PSG, and these days he would be taking a hot vacation in Miami with his girlfriend Bruna Biancardi to recharge his batteries for next season. However, in football and in life you always have to have plan b. And so, should the club decide to give him the welcome, Neymar seems to have already opened a new path, far from football but close to a true passion of him.

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O’Ney, what a talent: the video amazes the fans

There are people who are born without any real talent, and others who abound with talent in every field. Just like Neymar, who is phenomenal on the pitch, but also has many other qualities. For example those musical

Neymar Brazil
Neymar with Brazil (ANSA)

We have known for some time his penchant for the seven notes and for the lights of the stage, ever since, back in 2012, he danced the summer smash Ai se eu te pego with his friend Michel Telo. Today those times are very distant, but Neymar’s passion for music has never passed, and this is also demonstrated by these images, in which he delights with another catchphrase and he does so with an involvement that seems to preclude even his future away from the playing field.

In short, whether it’s a joke or not, Neymar continues to look around in search of his own path. Which will likely lead him to again enchant on the green lawn for a few years. But we are sure that sooner or later a leap into the world of music will do it seriously, and probably with more luck than some of his “singing” colleagues.

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