We explain why you shouldn’t dip your face in ice, TikTok’s new dangerous fashion

A new trend on TikTok recommends immersing your face in water and ice to immediately see it fresher and more toned. But this is a very dangerous habit

A new trend is depopulating on the social network TikTok, much imitated by girls (and not only by them) as it is dangerous to health: that of immersing the face in a basin full of water and ice. The purpose? Make the skin more toned, smooth wrinkles, eliminate redness and swelling (also due to acne) … in short, be more beautiful.

It is theice facial, a beauty trend that comes, as often happens, from the fashion world. Several stars of the world catwalks – Gigi Hadid and Kate Moss, just to name a few – have revealed that they dip their faces in a bowl full of ice before fashion shows and photo shoots, to have toned and fresh skin.

All you have to do is get a basin large enough to soak your face in, fill it with ice (and, if you wish, add very cold water) and take short dips with your face, trying to resist more than four or five seconds each time.

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Ice facial: that’s why you shouldn’t do this

It goes without saying that it is a remedy that can do a lot of harm to the skin of our face and that it is from absolutely avoid it, especially if you have sensitive and delicate skin. Applying ice directly to the skin can exacerbate irritation, causing local redness and itching, but can also lead to herpes on the face and lips.

But that’s not all: ice is a powerful vasoconstrictorand the thermal shock causes the delicate subcutaneous capillaries to break, causing local hemorrhages.

Also, regular application of ice to the skin can cause dryness and peeling of the skinwhich is not solved by applying a normal face cream (as shown in many of the videos dedicated to this “beauty practice”): ice, closing the pores of the skin, prevents beauty products from penetrating as they should, making their application practically useless.

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3 myths to dispel about the benefits of ice on the face

  • Reduces wrinkles. Wrinkles on the face have nothing to do with heat or cold: their appearance is influenced by the natural aging of the tissues, by prolonged exposure to sunlight, by the expressions we take when we talk, smile or eat. Therefore, we do not believe who proposes theice facial as a miracle remedy for wrinkles – ice will not restore the smooth skin we had when young.
  • It decreases the formation of sebum. The sebaceous glands are not affected in their action by neither heat nor cold: there is no way in which ice cubes can inhibit the production of sebum on the skin of the face. If anything, ice on the skin can have as a side effect an increase in sebum production: the stress to which the skin is subjected can cause excessive dryness and, consequently, greater sebum production.
  • Brighten the face. This is also a myth to dispel: ice does not make the skin of the face more luminous, but on the contrary it can make it paler and duller. This is because the action of the cold narrows the capillaries under the skin and reduces the flow of blood to the face, making it whiter.

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