trailer and date of the new Adam Sandler movie on Netflix

Photo credit: Cassy Athena/Netflix

Photo credit: Cassy Athena/Netflix

Movies that portray the world of sports are a guarantee of interest both at the box office and on television for the audience. These films are always easy and pleasant entertainment, although some have shown more quality than others. With different sports disciplines in focus, we have been able to see them represented as a central or contextual elementalthough it is usually used as a catalyst for the plot due to the usefulness of sports values ​​to favor the improvement of a character in the script.

Thus, we have been able to enjoy films as special as The Blind Side (A Possible Dream), Million Dollar Baby, Invictus or even sagas like We are the bestnow converted into a series, as well as other fictions that were already born in serial format such as the mister (Disney+). That is why it is not surprising that Netflix continues to exploit this vein, as confirmed with the recent premiere of play at home So it seems logical that from time to time it has a new proposal of this genre, as is ClawNetflix’s latest commitment to sports in the movies.

Claw: synopsis of the premiere of Adam Sandler on Netflix

On this occasion the focus is on basketball, a sport in which we are going to see Adam Sandler immersed. The comedian plays a talent scout who is going through a rough patch but intends to change the course of his career by finding an exceptional Spanish player who could become one of the great basketball stars of recent years.

The thing is, with his credibility in question, he decides to take him to the US without his team’s approval. Despite the adversities, both have one last chance to show that they can succeed in the NBA.

Claw: trailer and release date of the film

Basketball fans have an opportunity to enjoy in Claw of a movie in which you will be able to see many stars of this sport showing their best skills on the pitch. For those who prefer to see it on the big screen, Friday June 3 opens in some selected theaters. For those who can wait, from the Wednesday June 8th the film will be available on Netflix.

Claw: Cast of Netflix’s new sports film

Directed by Jeremiah Zagar from a screenplay by Taylor Materne and Will Fetters, Claw relink to Adam Sandler with basketball in the movies, although this time in a much more direct way. The other time, also thanks to a Netflix movie, was in Rough diamonds (2019), in which he had a complicated business relationship with Kevin Garnett.

The Spanish basketball player with whom his character embarks on an adventure in the NBA is Juancho Hernangomez, whom we will see as Bo Cruz in the film. Along with them, Queen Latifah, Ben Foster, Kenny Smith, Robert Duvall, Jordan Elizabeth Hull, Heidi Gardner, Ainhoa ​​Pillet and Anthony Edwards also participate in the cast.

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