Top Gun: Maverick sweeps and will be close to achieving 1 billion at the box office

Top Gun: Maverick keep flying high The tape, the greatest success of the career of Tom Cruise, has surpassed 900 million dollars at the box office international. The film, which has congratulated Paramount, could reach the elite club of the 1 billion dollars and become one of the great cinematographic triumphs of recent years. As they comment on Varietyquite likely. Lightyear failed to take off Jurassic World: Dominion he wages his own war, leaving Cruise’s war film free to reach his goal. achieve it?

Tom Cruise can make history and Paramount believes that Top Gun: Maverick reach 1 billion dollars

Right now, Top Gun: Maverick has more than 901 million dollars pocketed in his private account, becoming the second highest grossing film of the yearbeing surpassed by Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness with 943 million. If Cruise and Paramount’s ambitious movie continues to make money at this rate, the film could be poised to take the crown in the coming weeks. And there is more. As we already mentioned in our podcast you’ll see, even without opening in China or Russia, the $1 billion mark seems to be within reach.

Top Gun Maverick

To date, only Spider-Man: No Way Home from Sony, has surpassed that benchmark in times of coronavirus and restrictions stemming from Russia’s war with Ukraine. At Paramount he believes that it is possible to reach this important figure for the studios, since the situation is more than favorable. The reason? People are going to see her several times. According to data from the major, there are people who have returned two and even three times to see it in theaters, helping to raise the amount and the word-of-mouth effect, which has managed to attract more audiences than usual in these circumstances. For Paramount, it is the second best premiere of a film produced by the studio in its entire history.

The film is close to surpassing Doctor Strange 2 and reaching 1 billion

After just 25 days on the big screen, Top Gun: Maverick also stands as Cruise’s biggest film at the worldwide box office, surpassing Mission: Impossible – Fallout. Considering the little pull of Lightyear and the commercial journey of a film like Jurassic World: Dominionit seems that the legal problems of the tape will not be enough to stop its progress in the coming weeks. Tom Cruise has done it.

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