Tom Cruise, the eternal Dorian Gray of Hollywood thanks to aesthetic touch-ups

The writer Oscar Wildealready unintentionally defined, the vital philosophy of Tom Cruise: “The only thing worthwhile in life is beauty, and the satisfaction of the senses.” He is 60 years old, but physically, he is like a handsome 30-year-old. His youthful appearance has been benefited by advanced aesthetic techniques: botox, dental veneers, hair implants and, curiously, shoe lifts to appear more tall.

Tom likes his film partners to be young and physically handsome. Therefore, he chose Jennifer Connelly and has left his partner in the gutter in top gun, Kelly McGillis. The actress has been blunt about the decision that she has made during an interview with Entertainment Tonight: “I’m too old, I’m fat, I look my age and that’s not what they’re looking for in the film.”

McGillis is 65 years old, five years older than the actor, who has worked hard to stay young beyond a healthy diet and hours in the gym. In 2021, he showed up at a baseball state with a face that looked like it had been stung by 100 bees and it provoked a reaction. Visibly swollen, but with baby-smooth skin, one Internet user commented on social media that he looked like “a squirrel.”

What happened is that it was considerably overdone. The touch-ups were excessive and they had been done all at once. The Daily Mail contacted the Dr Nyla and offered his diagnosis: “It appears that Tom has overindulged in wrinkle injections and dermal fillers, which has actually had an adverse effect on his appearance.” Neither did he have wrinkles around his eyes because he resorted to botulinum toxin, better known as Botox.

It’s not his only way to stop time. At his age, Cruise could begin to lose his hair and, with it, part of his charm. To avoid this, experts say that she gets hair grafts every two years (it is assumed that neither in Turkey nor in the clinics of Cristiano Ronaldo), but a specialist has affirmed that the doctor “has done a very professional and very subtle job”.

Teeth have also been another of his battlefields. When he was caressing fame, he was advised that the orthodontic work he had done years before was not good, since his teeth were misaligned and one of his incisors was very prominent. Also, they were stained. The solution they offered him was to undergo orthodontics for later, at age 40, and put on some ceramic brackets. Later, he had a whitening treatment and got veneers.

What he cannot fight against is his height. Cruise measures 1.70, something that seems very little for a star like him. To appear taller, he saw himself at the presentation of Top Gun: Maverick with shoe lifts of at least two inches.

Minute sin if we have that Tom Cruise continues to retain his ascendancy before the public. Different journalists affirm that this weekend it may Top Gun: Maverick grossed over $100 million in the United States alone. This figure would become the highest in her entire filmography.


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