Three new premieres this week at the ODEÓN Cinemas in Tres Cantos

This Friday, June 17, the ODEÓN theaters in Tres Cantos have a premiere and are preparing for an early screening:


The film tells the origins of Buzz Lightyear, the hero who inspired the toy, and introduces us to the story of this legendary Space Guardian told as an exciting intergalactic adventure. “The world of Buzz has always fascinated me,” said director Angus MacLane. “In toy story the story of this Space Guardian was just beginning to emerge and I always wanted to explore that world further. ‘What movie did Andy see to wish he had a Buzz Lightyear toy?’ This is the question I asked when presenting the draft Lightyear and I wanted to see that movie. And I’ve been lucky enough to make it happen.”

And on Wednesday the 22nd we will have an early night pass session of:


A sadistic murderer kidnaps Finney Shaw, a shy and intelligent 13-year-old boy, and locks him in a soundproof basement where his screams are useless. When a broken and offline phone starts ringing, Finney discovers that through it he can hear the voices of the previous victims, who are determined to prevent Finney from ending up just like them.

On the other hand, EL ARMA DEL ENGAÑO comes off the billboard of PDEÓN Tres Cantos theaters, and the following films continue:


This new installment takes place four years after the destruction of Isla Nublar seen in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Now, dinosaurs coexist with humans all over the world. This fragile balance will change the future and decide, once and for all, whether people will remain the top predators on a planet they share with the most fearsome animals in creation. Raptor expert Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) returns in a new adventure alongside Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard), the park guide. This third installment of the saga jurassicworld, Based on the books by Michael Crichton, it is produced by Steven Spielberg (Ready Player One, The Pentagon Files).


After more than thirty years of service, Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell (Tom Cruise)’s reputation precedes him. Maverick was one of the best aviators in the Navy, decorated with combat medals and citations, and responsible for legendary deeds. Of course, he didn’t expect to return to the Top Gun fighter pilot academy, where he is required as a flight instructor to train a new generation of young male and female fighter pilots. There he will meet Bradley ‘Rooster’ Bradshaw (Milles Teller), the son of Goose, his deceased former partner, while trying to adapt to new technologies and drone warfare.
This movie is the sequel to Top Gun: Idols of the air (1986), mythical film of the 80s directed by Tony Scott.


In this new adventure, Doctor Strange will test the limits of his powers and this will lead him to explore a new dimension of his abilities. Like never before, Marvel’s famed wizard will explore the dark corners of the Multiverse, where he must reckon with allies new and old if he is to survive the Multiverse’s dangerous alternate realities and face a mysterious new enemy.


Summer of 1985. Like every year, Rodri leaves Catalonia and returns to his Galician town to reunite with his family and his gang. However, this year is different from the rest. They are becoming more aware of real world problems and the threat of being separated. Therefore, clinging to their friendship, the five friends plan to escape on the night of San Juan in search of a magical flower capable of fulfilling their wishes. Thus, an adventure will begin that will make them mature through a path full of action, emotion and hope, while ‘Live is life’ plays in the background.


Yuuta Okkotsu is haunted. Ever since his childhood friend Rika died in a traffic accident, her ghost has stayed with him. But his spirit doesn’t appear as the sweet girl Yuuta once knew. Instead, he manifests as a monstrous and powerful entity that fiercely protects him. Unable to control Rika’s violent behavior, Yuuta is powerless to stop the bloodshed that follows her brutal revenge.


A legendary dog ​​trainer thinks he can help Marmaduke (voiced by comedian Pete Davidson) become the first Great Dane in history to win the trophy of champion at the Westminster Dog Show (Britain’s premier dog show). To achieve this, he will have to face Zeus, (voice JK Simmons): a classic sideshow dog who has no scruples to do whatever it takes to win.


This is the story of five notable villains with extensive criminal careers: Mister Wolf, Mister Snake, Mister Piranha, Mister Shark and Mister Tarantula. Together they have spent a lifetime pulling off big heists. Now they will hatch a plot to get their latest job done.

On Thursdays we continue to have Original Versions Subtitled in Spanish.

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