‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ – The icy duel of resistance between Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson

Who is stronger: Thor either Valkyrie? Sure the ‘Marvel zombies’ of the world would have a lot to argue about in this regard, but, in real life, Chris Hemsworth Y Tessa Thompson decided to run it their own way during the filming of Thor: Love and Thunder. A way that, to be exact, involved a bath in sub-zero temperatures.

“We had a huge ice bath, which we were all going through [los miembros del reparto] and that became the real test of strength,” Hemsworth told Entertainment Tonight (via IndieWire).

“I was there for a while, but managed to stay inside for a minute or two, and [Thompson] he came in the first day and stayed for three and a half minutes,” the actor continues. “So we all had to try and hold for three minutes.”

Hemsworth’s account is very interesting, but he leaves out a crucial fact: who won that challenge? Without wishing to be rude, the fact that the Australian does not reveal the name of the winner indicates that he was not the one who came in first place.

For the rest, the interpreter of the God of Thunder confirms the words of Taika Waititi according to which love and thunder It could be the wackiest movie in Marvel history.

“I think Taika’s biggest challenge was dealing with the ‘blood sausages’ and the comedic ad-libs that would crash and put it all together,” he notes. “Taika does that: he creates a very crazy set and gives you a very crazy movie,” he concludes.

In addition to Hemsworth and Thompson, Thor: Love and Thunder has Christian BaleRussell Crowe and one Natalie Portman who returns to Marvel to wield the hammer Mjölnir. The film opens in Spain on July 8.

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