this Premier League player could also be Shapeshifters free to play

Just a few hours ago we discussed the leak that pointed to a Santander League footballer, but now another has appeared about the Premier League. According to @FutSheriff, the Brazilian Emerson could be one of the new Shapeshifters of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

FIFA 22 Leak – Emerson Shapeshifters

As we have said on more than one occasion, it is very difficult to predict what a leaked Shapeshifters version would look like because this event changes the position of the footballers. So we don’t know if Emerson would be a defender, a midfielder or even an attacker.

His Body Type in FIFA 22 is “Slim” and he is not excessively tall (1’81). Those physical conditions could favor him if he played in advanced areas. While if he were central, he should not have the forcefulness of the most competitive. I hope he doesn’t appear in that position.

If he is a midfielder or an attacker, he will have to increase his stars to be valuable. Because naturally, he barely combines three in skills and bad leg. But maybe follow the example of Thuram Shapeshifters and gets a huge boost.

Thuram Shapeshifters FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Player Data
Emerson only has three stars in skills and bad leg, but he may receive a considerable improvement. This is what happened today with Thuram Shapeshifters, the new SBC player.

we leave you here the information about the new patch. Also Telegram broadcast channel in which we advise about news and articles related to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. Good luck!

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