This is the required training that Chris Hemsworth does to become Thor

His blue eyes, his meter ninety and his imposing physique did not go unnoticed by the film industry that they found in Chris Hemsworth to the ideal actor not only to personify the hero Thor, but to lead more and more projects that attract, without hesitation, a varied audience. The Australian who stars spider’s headthe brand new Netflix movie directed by Joseph Kosinski -the same director of Top Gun: Maverick– puts himself back into the body of the Avengers member in the movie Thor: Love and Thunder, which will be released in Argentina on July 8. In a moment of increasing stardom, the eyes of the world rest on the body of the actor who, at 38 years old, does not hide his passion for physical activity, and in your training routine.

“Their exercise routines and diets are usually published by different magazines such as Men’s Health Y Entertainment Weekly. Training for ten long years is a full time job. That and, on top of that, twelve hours of filming a day is something really exhausting. Both he and his family made training a lifestyle. Chris walks a skate circuit hand in hand with his daughter and his wife does the same leading a horse between obstacles, ”he tells THE NATION Martin Colacilli (@martincolacillipf), director of Academia 2 dragons. Boxing, surfing and even running sheep herding are some of the activities that are known to him. Passionate about sports, Hemsworth created a fitness app, called Centr, where he shares videos and photos of his activity, motivating his followers to imitate him. Also provides advice on nutrition and health.

This is the required training of Chris Hemsworth, the actor of Thor, to be in shape

His social networks are also a channel that the actor takes advantage of to promote physical activity. In @Chris Hemsworth details a dumbbell and bodyweight workout plan. start with press chest with dumbbells on the floor (lying down to secure the back, the elbows are bent; it should be done on a bench so that the chest moves all the way), with twelve repetitions; continue with pushups (care of posture is fundamental, with the abdominal muscles in tension so that the back does not bend), with eight repetitions; and twenty seconds of rest. Then perform ten repetitions of dumbbell squats (technical execution must be correct; dumbbells can be harmful in the case of beginners since it can produce postural changes, although in trained people they increase the intensity of the exercise) and eight squats without any element (polyarticular work that activates many muscle groups at once), and ends the series, once again, with twenty seconds of rest.

Chris Hemsworth works his body with battle rope, a workout widely used in Crossfit
Chris Hemsworth works his body with battle rope, a workout widely used in CrossfitInstagram: @chrishemsworth

Then it is the turn of the triceps exercise with dumbbells (it is essential to fix the arms and keep them in a vertical position, while the movement occurs at the elbow), repeating twelve times and push-ups with the hands together (the technical execution must be correct and can be done anywhere), five times. Again, twenty seconds of rest. The routine continues with twelve back lunges with curl of biceps (beginners who start on a steady foot and, once the technique is mastered, go forward and then back), and eight jumping lunges (the technical execution must be perfect since the jump and landing generate a high load and the explosive movement generates instability). And twenty seconds of rest. To end, execute deadlift (highly complex, requires good posture, flexibility and excellent execution) twelve times, eight burpees (being careful not to arch your back; it mobilizes a large number of muscle groups at the same time) and ends with twenty seconds of rest. Repeat the same routine four times.

“It is an intense and fun training plan that it’s not for everyone. They are high intensity exercises.some with dumbbells, and require a very high technical execution. Chris has been training for years and can execute them masterfully, but people who are just starting out should take some precautions”, warns Colacilli. Among the advice given by the coach, there is one that is universal, which is have a physical fitness. Furthermore, it emphasizes the importance of consult with a physical activity professional, who will personally guide the techniques, postures, pauses and weight of the dumbbells. And he puts the focus on the issue of pauses: “The mere fact of controlling the time of the breaks makes our training more effective, more intense and shorter”, he assures. According to Colacilli, twenty seconds of rest is a short time in the case of beginners, although he admits that, in those who are trained, through short pauses, a high demand is generated on the cardiovascular system.

The Thor actor complements his training with boxing exercises
The Thor actor complements his training with boxing exercisesInstagram: @chrishemsworth

In short, “it is a very intense, fun and varied routine, which can be done anywhere. The weight and the use or not of dumbbells should be in accordance with the current training status of each person and their goals. Short breaks generate an increase in cardiovascular demand, but it is a good practice to start controlling them so that the training plan is more effective according to each objective. We must bear in mind that Chris is an athlete and his body is not a product of this routine, but of years of training, nutrition, healthy living and genetics.”, concludes the physical trainer.

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