They march to demand that they find Luis Fernando in Mazatlan

Mazatlán.- Dozens of people, relatives and friends, marched down Del Mar Avenue in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, and went with the authorities of the South Zone Vice Prosecutor’s Office, to ask that find the young Luis Fernando Peraza Romero, 17, who disappeared on May 11 at night.

Minutes later, versions spread that the young man was not lost, that he went with an aunt to the state of Jalisco, however, his parents and siblings stressed that they had no reliable information on his location, that for them he was still missing.

The March

The appointment for the demonstration was at 4:00 p.m., in the letters of Mazatlán, on Del Mar and Rafael Buelna avenues.

Family members and dozens of friends, acquaintances and members of the educational community of the Center for Industrial Technology and Services Studies 127, where Luis Fernando studies, began to gather there.

For several minutes, in that area they silently displayed banners and banners that read things like “Help us find Luis Fernando Peraza Romero, your family and friends will not rest until we find you”, “We are missing Luis Fernando”, “We demand a stop to insecurity. We want to live without fear.”

CETis 127 students and teachers displayed a banner that read: “Luis Fernando has not returned to his school, the CETis 127 educational community is incomplete, we need Luis Fernando Peraza Romero, he came to his regular classes on May 11 and since that day he has not come home. We are looking for Luis Fernando!!”.

Fátima N., girlfriend of Luis Fernando, confirmed that on the night of May 11 he left his house and a few minutes later he no longer answered his messages.

“We don’t have any news yet… He left my house at night and I no longer had contact with him,” said the girl, in tears.

Shortly after, after more people arrived, the march began, led by the parents and brothers of Luis Fernando.

They walked along Del Mar Avenue, from the north to south lane, turned onto De los Deportes Avenue, took Cruz Lizárraga Avenue and arrived at the offices of the State Attorney’s Office located in Cruz Lizárraga, between Ramón López Alvarado and Gabriel Luna de the Source, Tellería subdivision.

enter with authorities

The direct relatives of the young Luis Fernando entered the offices of the Vice Prosecutor’s Officewhile dozens of people waited outside.

“Luis Fernando is a good student, he is a good boy, the loss of these young people is becoming a habit…, a pencil was not lost, a boy was lost, we want answers,” said a woman with CETis 127 logos on her blouse.

Those present threw shouts demanding that they find the young man. A few minutes later, relatives came out of the offices, and said that theyThe authorities have told them that they found a young man with the characteristics of Luis Fernando, but they do not give them anything concrete, such as a photo.

Amalia Romero and José Eduardo, mother and brother of Luis Fernando, respectively, expressed their gratitude to all the people who have shown their support and prayers to find the young man.

They march to demand that they find Luis Fernando in Mazatlan | Photo: Sergio Pérez/ Debate

“I have received many good calls, and others very bad, people who want to extort, They send me photos according to my son…, they don’t know the martyrdom I’ve been living, the hell I’ve been going through,” said Mrs. Amalia, with unrestrained tears.

She, her husband and their children stressed that the day Luis Fernando appears they will communicate itMeanwhile, these statements by some people, that the young man has not been missing, are pure speculation.

In social networks it has been published that Luis Fernando never disappeared, that he went with an aunt, in a fun plan, to Jalisco, and that according to this Saturday afternoon he was already on his way back to Mazatlán.

His relatives insisted that this is just speculation, that his boy does not answer his cell phone, that he is still missing.

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Luis Fernando disappeared Tuesday night, after leaving his girlfriend, Fatima, at his house, in the area of ​​the Bugambilias subdivision. He left for his home, in the Torremolinos Costa Azul subdivision. He did not arrive, and was never heard from again.

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