They exhibit alleged infidelity of the wife of ‘Pollo’ Briseño

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Anthony Chicken Briseno is on everyone’s lips due to the alleged infidelity of his wife Alethia Sadawhich was exhibited on social networks, and is that The influencer would have been caught with another man during a Carín León concert.

Everything began to circulate due to a thread of Twitter in which they share photos of the Chivas player’s wife, in which he is appreciated affectionately with a manwho they assure is not about the Chicken.

“Clearly it looks like he has his arm behind her and they have a flirty demeanor. Seeing the complexion of the companion I think he is not the Chicken”, mentions the person in one of the images.

One of the photographs shows one of the tattoos that the man has on his arm, but the tweeter also mentioned that this character would have erased everything related to the concert.

The user of Twitter continued to share information, in which mentions that José Barba would be the subject who would have been with Alethia at that concert, but who is the man? According to this person, he is the boyfriend of the also influencer Camila Rendónwho allegedly deleted everything he had with him on his social networks and even unfollowed him on Instagram.

Camila and Ale have been friends for a long timeboth always reacted to his posts.

So far none of those involved has spoken about it; although everything seems to indicate that everything flows normally in the relationship of the Chicken Briseño with his wife, as both have shared stories in their Instagram.

Alethia Sada and Chicken Briseño

They make fun of Chicken Briseño for alleged infidelity

Users of social networks did not forgive and decided to turn the Chicken Briseno in the target of teasing with memes and some videos.


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