The sequel to ET that Steven Spielberg did not want to do

This 2022 marked 40 years since the premiere of ETthe legendary Steven Spielberg film that followed an alien creature who gets trapped on our planet and befriends a boy named elliot. However, not many know that the director, after the success of the first film, had planned ET 2: Nocturnal Fearsa sequel to which he finally decided don’t give it the green light.

Nocturnal Fears 2: Why did Steven Spielberg decide NOT to make the sequel to ET: The Extra-Terrestrial?

Initially, Steven Spielberg had planned the film ET the alienas a continuation of Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977). which he had conceptualized as night skies.

This was about evil aliens who quarreled with a family human. Which was going to have a different twist, and with a theme much darker and evil compared to the movie we are familiar with today.

This was later reformulated as ET 2: Nocturnal Fears, which was going to follow a harrowing trip that Elliot was going to live. who would it be kidnapped by evil aliens along with his friends. And in fact, Steven Spielberg and screenwriter Melissa Mathison they had prepared several ideas that had a much more brutal vision.

ET 2 nocturnal fears
Rick Baker

The aliens in the sequel weren’t going to be as cute as ET and with quite different plans. According to initial ideas, these extraterrestrials would be the enemies of the planet of ET and they are carnivorous who come to Earth to mutilate cattle and torture children in order to gather information about their opponents.

“Although I have thought about it, I still feel that a sequel to ET would disappoint people. Nothing will be so innocent. A sequel would be a business decision, and I’m not prepared to make such a decision, using ET as a trump card. I have mixed feelings about this. Beyond commercial success, I have won many things in my life thanks to him”. Said the director in an interview (via Far Out Magazine).

Therefore, in deciding that this would detract from the original film, Steven Spielberg decided do not continue with the sequel and archived the project.

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