The Perricone nutritional plan, in detail. This is how Queen Letizia takes care of herself

Queen Letizia has the secret to maintain her impeccable physical condition over the years. That’s right, surely on many occasions you have thought when you see her on television that she has signed the pact of eternal youth. How old would you say he is? Well, she is 49, but the monarch has smooth skin and a toned and cared for body and this is thanks to a secret: take care of your lifestyle.

As it does? Respecting food and how not to include different physical exercises in your routine to maintain your figure. Now it has transpired, for example, that Queen Letizia is a lover, among other disciplines, of yoga and we have discovered the diet that he proposes to the Royal House and that allows him to preserve himself as he does.

Queen Letizia bases her diet on a meal plan which, in addition to maintaining its type, is perfect for reducing skin that is always so radiant. It is the Perricone diet and it is part of a program anti-aging Designed by Dr. Nicholas Perricone.

The North American dermatologist rejects, to give you an idea of ​​his ideas, that wrinkles appear exclusively due to the passage of time. They are, according to their studies, a consequence of other factors. Therefore, it can keep your skin shiny, like Queen Letizia, whatever your age if you take care of it.

The diet that Queen Letizia proposes to the Royal House

This Perricone diet is based on four daily meals. With it, the metabolism is accelerated and you constantly have the feeling of feeling satiated. Far from restricting essential foods for your body, this eating plan contains foods from ten different groups.

The nutritional plan goes through cycles of about 28-30 days and follows a strict meal plan. Salmon is, without a doubt, the star product of this diet, although other fish such as tuna or sardines are also included. Chia seeds, nuts such as pistachios or almonds and olive oil are other basic foods that Queen Letizia includes in her diet.

In addition, another key to the Perricone diet is the inclusion of foods that contain alpha lipoic acid and especially vegetables such as spinach or broccoli.. Finally, proteins are included that provide foods such as eggs, kefir or natural yogurt,yes as complex carbohydrates and fiber.

Basic foods of Queen Letizia’s diet

  1. Salmon, sardines or tuna

  2. chia seeds

  3. Nuts

  4. Olive oil

  5. Vegetables (Spinach or broccoli, especially)

  6. Eggs

  7. Kefir

  8. Plain Yogurt

  9. various carbohydrates

  10. Fruit such as strawberries or berries

  11. Infusions better than coffee

  12. Oatmeal

  13. feta cheese

Example of a day following the Perricone diet

  • Breakfast: an omelet with three whites and one yolk, half a cup of oatmeal that can be boiled, a slice of melon or another piece of fruit and a third of a cup of fresh blackberries. Juices, coffee or bread are avoided.
  • FoodPairing: Grilled salmon, green salad, a slice of melon, fresh blackberries and water.
  • Afternoon snackPairing: Natural yogurt, blackberries and water.
  • DinnerPairing: Grilled salmon, green salad, steamed vegetables, melon, blackberries and water.

In addition to the queen, other celebrities have also decided on the Perricone diet. Among them, personalities of the stature of Gwyneth Paltrow or Julia Roberts.

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