The metaverse, under review on the TV news

Society is built on abstract ideas accepted by all to coexist: from laws, to numbers or the idea and concept of nation.

There’s also virtual spaceslike social networks on the internet, and for a long time there has been talk of going one step further and create entire virtual parallel worlds in which to relate. Or put another way, the metaverse.

Currently, the metaverse It may seem like a game, but it is expected that soon it will be much more than that. The metaverses open up infinite possibilities for leisure, spaces for human relationships, possibilities for feeling, even with touch through special gloves, or even developing a virtual playing field in which to do business and satisfy new needs.

This Wednesday the Newscast has put on virtual reality glasses to immerse itself in “web 3.0” and has thoroughly explained what the metaverse is and what its applications are.

A new business window

This “internet of the future” is one of the most promising windows of opportunity for a new form of entertainment and business. I know expects to move more than 760 billion euros within two yearsaccording to analysts at Bloomberg, which is 13% more than at the beginning of this decade.

Digital industries such as video games, social networks and crypto converge in its 3D virtual world, but also traditional sectors in search of new business windows such as real estate.

And it is that the real estate sector has launched itself into the metaverse to try to bring the sale of a flat or a building with virtual offices as close as possible to its potential clients or investors.

The metaverse: parallel worlds getting closer

Facebook Spain: “It is the internet of the future”

The metaverse has been in the minds of technology companies for some time, but Mark Zuckerberg ad, the creator of Facebook in October 2021betting firmly on that project has put it in the forefront ever since.

To find out more about it, the general director in Spain and Portugal of META, the former Facebook, Irene Cano, has explained in more detail on the newscast how is this new virtual “reality” that will be implemented little by little in our lives and that it considers as “the internet of the future”.

Irene Cano, director of Facebook Spain: “The metaverse is the web of the future”

“It will be going from the internet in two dimensions to the three”

Jose Maria Alvarez-Pallete He is the executive president of the most important telecommunications group in Spain. In the interview granted to the Telediario he shows his vision -and that of the company he directs- on the metaverse and the virtual world.

The Telef√≥nica’s main executive maintains that it is time for values, that Spain is in a privileged position to live this technological revolution and that data is one of the keys to the future to know where this new web 3.0 will lead, which will transform our real world from the virtual.

The boundaries and regulation of the metaverse

Once you put on the virtual reality glasses and immerse yourself in this parallel world, dFrom any room you can go to concerts, do yoga or explore endless virtual worlds in your own virtual clothesbut you also have to set boundaries in the metaverse.

Studies from the University of Crambigde and the German University of Bonn confirm that deceiving our brain in this way can generate a detachment from reality. And they are not the only risks for mental health.

“When in the metaverse or on social media we post something far superior, a better version, a frustration is generated in real life that has two friends: depression and addiction”warns the CEO and Psychologist of the Disconnect Institute for digital addictions, Marc Masip.

“This ability we have to beautify ourselves in real time contrasts with our interactions in the physical world, which is imperfect. This differencea can lead to low self-esteem, dysmorphia and increased cosmetic surgeries,” agrees to add the Director of the ELLIS Foundation, Nuria Oliver.

Consequences that can be aggravated if cyberbullying or other violence is suffered, which are not as punished as other crimes in the physical world.

Several women have reported sexual abuse and a reporter from the ‘BBC’ chain showed that adult men made sexual propositions to minors.

“The fact that it is in the virtual environment or on the street, these people exist in the world. It does not change anything that is virtual. That is why we have to educate people, the new generations, not to accept everything that you see there, on the internet”, explains the virtual reality user and ‘streamer’, Mr.Cheeto.

In the meantime, governments are already working on specific legislation, but they are not advancing at the speed of technology. And although the platforms create control tools, part of the success of living on screen will depend on regulation and ethics.

The metaverse and cinema

Before we knew it as a metaverse, some film productions had already peeked into it. The science fiction genre has always been willing for us to experiment with new scenarios and has already opened the doors to this unique digital world with ‘Tron’ in 1982. But perhaps the film that best explains this new revolution is Steven Spielberg’s ‘Ready Player One’.

Although at the time it was thought that they were just “things from the cinema”, reality surpasses fiction once again and the future is already here, as warned by ‘The Matrix’, which has already hinted that another world is possible.

But the script of the metaverse is written daily and there is still much to write. So for now the best thing is to put on the virtual reality glasses and let yourself be carried away to discover it little by little.

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