The Fakir Testa excites and terrifies the public and jury in ‘America’s Got Talent’

I had to keep quiet until now, but it is no longer necessary: ​​Fakir Testa, a resident of Paracuellos de la Ribera (Zaragoza) spent almost three months in Pasadena (California, United States) pTo participate in the America’s Got Talent auditions, the most popular talent show on the planet. This test has been broadcast on NBC during the early hours of Tuesday to Wednesday (Spanish time); after a splendid performance, Testa got four positive votes and goes to the next round, in which she will have to show her talent live.

It is the seventeenth edition of the contest, and in the previews of the fourth episode there was already a strong expectation for the proposal of this fakirism professional, that a little over two years ago decided to settle in this small town next to Calatayud, who had been visiting for family reasons for many years. Jaime Oms, the man behind the nickname, also recently broke a Guinness World Record for speed when walking on razor-sharp swords, an element that featured prominently in his appearance on America’s Got Talent.

Actor and former NFL football player Terry Crews is in charge of presenting the contest behind the scenes, the role played by Santi Millán in the Spanish version. During Testa’s performance he said the obligatory “don’t try this at home”, in addition to showing his amazement at what he experienced. The jury made up of actress Sofía Vergara, model Heidi Klum, comedian Howie Mandell and producer Simon Cowell It was clear to him at the time of issuing his verdict, after Testa climbed a ladder of swords (after putting the soles of his feet on the fire) and once upstairs, he literally hung by his neck on the edge of another sword, holding all the weight of your body on this single support. Testa was also in charge of demonstrating how sharp the swords he used were, cutting small sheets of paper before inserting them into the number.

The public attended horrified and ecstatic to the exhibition; Cowell’s grimaces, unable to look at the stage all the time, made clear the difficulty of the number. A number, by the way, that he later reflected on his own Instagram account. In less than three hours, more than 50,000 people had already seen it, and the number continues to rise steadily: Cowell has almost two million followers on this network.

The British judge asked Testa at the end if he had more impressive material to show in a next round, to which the fakir replied decisively “there is much more”. This certainty ended up tipping the balance in his favor. America’s Got Talent will begin its live shows on August 9.

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