The dance scene with Christian Bale and Kate Bush

    Christian Bale, the actor who will play the villain Gorrthe Butcher of Gods in ‘Thor: Love & Thunder’, has claimed that Kate Bush is almost part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    The singer is on everyone’s lips thanks to ‘Running Up That Hill’, the Kate Bush song that ‘Stranger Things 4’ has made number 1 on lists around the world. What we did not expect is that this resurgence (remember that the song is from 1985, and Kate Bush has not released a new album since 2011) was about to become a strange and unpredictable point of union between Netflix series and the next Marvel premieres.

    gorr, the butcher of the gods

    Marvel Studios

    In case you don’t know who Gorr is, the Butcher of Gods from ‘Thor: Love & Thunder’, we’ll tell you briefly what he is a cosmic and immortal being who seeks revenge against all the gods for the death of his family along with his symbiote “necrosword”. That is why the news of a scene of the actor dancing in the film is so strange, since we did not imagine how it would fit in the tone of the character. But we’re talking about Taika Waititi in the director’s chair, and with him any comic turn is possible.

    Taika and I wanted to do a full dance, which we couldn’t do., but we had all this kind of Kate Bush stuff that we worked on,” Bale said. She continues: “I think she realized that she would never be allowed to put that in the final movie. I would say the most common thing I looked at [mientras me preparaba para el papel] It was Aphex Twin’s video for ‘Come to Daddy’. But I don’t even know if that will be in the final movie.”

    If Bale’s performance is half as disturbing as the video clip for ‘Come to Daddy’, we’re in luck. But we still don’t understand how Kate Bush’s style would fit into all of this.

    stranger things


    The singer recently posted a blog post thanking the creators of ‘Stranger Things’ for using his song and giving it a new life:

    “I commend the Duffer Brothers for their bravery in taking this new series to a much more adult and darker place. I want to thank you so much for bringing the song back into so many people’s lives.”, said the singer. “By presenting ‘Running Up That Hill’ in such a positive way, as a talisman for Max (Sadie Sink), the song has been brought into the emotional realm of her story. Fear, conflict, and the power of love surround her and her friends.”.

    ‘Thor: Love & Thunder’ opens in theaters on July 8 while the last two episodes of the fourth season of ‘Stranger Things’ can be seen on Netflix from July 1.

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