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There are men, many Creole ‘Johnny Deep’, who are victims of domestic violence, which can include physical, psychological, mental aggression…

The mediacy that the trial between Hollywood actors Johnny Depp versus Amber Heard had, focused on the discussion about intimate partner violence. The defamation trial that concluded on June 1, 2022 is timely to discuss the nuances of domestic violence as a social problem, which rarely sees the light that a woman can be the victimizer.

There are men who are victims of domestic violence, which can include physical, psychological, mental and sexual aggression to maintain control over the other person. They could use femininity to their advantage and bring about the destruction of the life of the man involved. In our Ecuadorian context, men are also victims of false accusations and sometimes of domestic violence that tends to be considered ‘less serious’ due to a number of socio-cultural flaws. Practicing as a lawyer, I have observed how false victimization is championed by women, as a winning strategy to get a restraining order delivered, extort (for purposes that may or may not be lawful), obtain custody of minors, as vendetta to destroy a man’s reputation; and this tends to coincide in most cases with the start of a new relationship, and much more. I have met many Creole ‘Johnny Deep’ branded as violent, perpetrators, without evidence and financially punished, and extirpated from the lives of their children. Justice operators seldom or never declare the recklessness or malice of those who falsely report, or litigate without reason with the intention of causing injury to a third party. Male victims often face disbelief from justice and law enforcement officials, and have difficulty finding public assistance because few domestic abuse shelters or services focus on female victims. Authorities should not react robotically to complaints that have not been formalized and that sometimes have no head or tail. (EITHER)

Rene Jose Betancourt Square, Master of Laws, Guayaquil

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