the amazing events that happened on a day like today, June 22

The ephemerides, known as the important events that occurred on the same date -but in previous years-, always They arouse particular interest among people who want to know what events, both good and unfortunate, coincided on the same day.

Below are some of the events that occurred on June 22 throughout history:

Hollywood actress Meryl Streep is born

On June 22, 1949, film legend Meryl Streep was born. Today turns 73 after winning three Oscars and have been nominated 21 times.

His filmography includes more than 80 titles, among which stand out Kramer vs. Kramer (1979), The French Lieutenant’s Wife (1981), Sophie’s decision (1982), The Devil Wears Prada (2006), Mama Mia! (2008), don’t look up (2021), among others.

Maradona scores a goal known as the ‘Hand of God’

On a day like today, 36 years ago, one afternoon in 1986, during the world championship that was played in Mexico, Diego Armando Maradona, with his beloved Argentine team, would mark the football history books after scoring two very particular goals against England .

The first of them was called ‘The Hand of God’ because of the action carried out by the ’10’, and the second, the goal that would become the best in World Cup history, ‘The goal of the century’.

Leandro Díaz, vallenato composer, dies

On June 13, 2013, an acute kidney infection caused the death of the vallenato composer Leandro Díaz and who in life was considered a legend in this musical genre. The death occurred in the early hours of that Saturday at the Cesar Clinic in Valledupar.

The teacher was born on February 20, 1928 in Hatonuevo, a municipality of La Guajira, and composed more than 350 songs to love and his land of great descriptive richness despite lacking the vision. “Leandro Díaz was born blind and despite his limitations, he made fun of his blindness in his songs,” recalled Sara Araújo, an expert in vallenato music.

The longest tennis match in the world begins

A day like 2010 begins the Wimbledon match between the American John Isner and the French Nicolas Mahut. The match lasted 11 hours and five minutes, played over the course of three days.

Isner won 70-68 in the game’s longest fifth set, which lasted eight hours and 11 minutes. It is also the game with the most games in a set with 138 in the last of the match. Besides, he is the one with the most aces with 216 added between both players.

other events

The specialized portal Ephemeris 2.0 listed a series of events that happened on June 16 in the world:

871: in Wasit, Iraq, an earthquake is recorded that left 20 thousand victims.

1928: The first international telephone line connecting Santiago de Chile with Mendoza, Argentina is inaugurated.

1934: In Germany, a contract is signed with the Association of the German Automobile Industry and Ferdinand Porsche that will give way to the creation of the Volkswagen ‘Beetle’.

1940: during world war II, France surrenders to Nazi Germany.

1941: At dawn, three million German troops launch an invasion of the Soviet Union.

1981: the Spanish band, Mecano, publishes its first great success called Today I can not get up.

nineteen ninety five: the fifth regional television channel is inaugurated in Colombia ORT Channel.

2021: An earthquake of 6.0 degrees is recorded in Peru, leaving many houses in the city of Mala on the verge of falling.

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