Teresa Ruiz, Mexican actress who moves around the world: “I know different idiosyncrasies”

Teresa Ruiz attends the interview with her hair tied in a ponytail, a hallmark of her image. She has a half smile as she listens, a clean face with almost no make-up, and calmly responds in her melodious deep voice that sometimes escapes a giggle, the only turning point in her well-mannered tonality.

Her eyes transmit that same intensity of the femme fatale from series like “Narcos” or “Here on Earth”Mexican productions worked for Netflix and Fox respectively whose common point was the ins and outs of violence, power and organized crime.

Teresa has just been a jury member of the International Film Festival in Guadalajara, from what she reported on her Instagram account, in whose profile she highlights having been born in Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca. Teresa has had a career that has led her to film in different countries in America.

“Father Stu”

Recently, for example, he participated alongside Mark Wahlberg in the film “Father Stu”, playing Carmen, the early love interest of Stuart Long (Wahlberg), for whose love he decides to convert to Catholicism. Teresa liked the script and she had a Zoom meeting with Rosalind Ross, the director.

The next day I had a meeting with Mark Whalberg and we read some of the scenes and we realized that there was a lot of chemistry, he was very happy with the scenes that we read on Zoom and he made me part of the project., says the 33-year-old actress about her arrival in the film. “Usually they send me projects that are very dark or that have a lot of violence, which are many of the themes that are being made right now, but this was a film about overcoming adversity, which talked about vocation, about love, about family and I was looking for a project like this”.

About Carmen, says Teresa, “I really liked the quality of her spirit, I guess. I really liked her kindness, her integrity, her strength. And I really liked that he was a character that I thought had the ability to portray and highlight all the beautiful qualities that I know of Mexicans.. He’s a very generous character, very honest, very pure, and I think there’s very little opportunity to translate that into a character. They are elements that you can bring to your character, but narratives are usually other types of portraits, and this seems to me to be a very accurate portrait of everything we contribute to the community.”

In addition, this production commanded by Wahlberg himself (“Ted”, “Instant Family”) had a filming similar to that of an average Mexican movie.

Teresa Ruiz explains: “It depends a bit on the size of the production, whether in Mexico or in the United States, I have worked in Mexico on very large productions, which have the same rhythm or the same way of filming, and I have also worked on films like ‘Father Stu’, which is a small, independent film, was financed by Mark. Then, In that sense it felt a lot like a Mexican movie: we shot it in 30 days, everything was going really fast, so I think technically it could be quite similar. I think the biggest difference is the diffusion they have, the reach that films that have big names on the billboard or that have a much larger distribution can have.”

Actress of the Actors Studio

Teresa is a member of the Actors Studio, the group of actors and directors based in New York and directed by Al Pacino. In 2013 she auditioned for her first time and was accepted by the legendary Martin Landau, who became her mentor until his death.

But not only that. In film she has worked with Liam Neeson, Jennifer LopezAntonio Banderas, Martin Sheen, Mickey Rourke. She has already won the Ariel and the Mayahuel for best actress, has been awarded in France and has even produced an award-winning film at Cannes. (“Leap-year”). In August, the series “Mo” premieres, completely filmed in Houston.

What has working in Hollywood, in Latin America, in Mexico, given you as an actress?

I think it has made me a much stronger actress, an artist because I know the different idiosyncrasies and how different worlds are handled. Also something that has enriched me a lot has been working with directors from different parts of the world because I learn not only to see myself in a different way, but also how they tell the story and how I can be at the service of that story. She has taught me a lot. When I go to the United States and work there, I always find an admiration for the cinema that we make in Mexico and for the artists that make that cinema. I think it’s because we become strong working here.

As an actress, what have these big names with whom you have worked given you?

I have realized that the more, or at least with whom I have had the opportunity to collaborate, from what I do in the Actors Studio, what I do in the theater, what I have done in the cinema or in the series All those I have met who are great artists, who are great actors, are also great human beings. And that has taught me a lot because there are times when you work on different productions and you meet people who, let’s say, do not have the magnitude of a career and behave terribly. So it becomes a bit of a paradox for me, since I was a girl I saw it, from a very young age when I started working, I began to notice that difference. And I began to see that those who are the greatest icons also find enormous humanity in themselves and proclaim it and I would like to learn from them.

Watch the trailer for “Father Stu”:

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