Sports Medicine will not be able to teach Physical Education classes

Exteriors of the High Court of Justice of Galicia.

The High Court of Justice of Galicia has issued a ruling stating that the people graduated in Medicine with the Sports specialty cannot be part of the lists of interim teachers and substitutes of Physical Education in secondary. The ruling is based on the “lack of skills and intrusiveness” that involves the access of these graduates to lists for which there is already a specific degree.

Thus, the judicial process has its origin in a resource of the Official College of Graduates in Physical Education and Sciences of Physical Activity and Sports of Galicia (Colef). Specifically, the new sentence partially annuls an order of November 20, 2019, of the then Ministry of Education, University and Professional Training, which allowed access to the lists of graduates in Medicine and Dance.

As estimated by the Colef resource, the entry of these graduates would not have a place since “There are already enough graduates in Physical Education and in Sciences of Physical Activity and Sports”, which incur in the same lists of interim teachers and substitutes.

Sports Medicine: training with sufficient knowledge

On the part of the defence, representative of the Department of Education, University and Professional Training, it has been affirmed that the graduates in Medicine with the specialty of Sport have “sufficient knowledge” to teach the subject of Physical Education, to which is added that if only graduates in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences were admitted “it would cause a staff shortage in the roster system and would result in the impossibility of filling the vacancies”.

Despite these claims, the Galician Court of Justice has positioned itself in favor of the Colef resourcestating that the Medicine degree with the sports specialty “would not be oriented to teaching purposes”.

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