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As in the movie original, in “Top Gun: Maverick”, one of the best things in the plot is again the romance, but in this case as a lesson on mature love in the cinema commercial.

After 36 years, the sequel to the eighties film that propelled the career of Tom Cruiseis now destined to become a box office success, with a captivating story where love will be more than present in the film.

Tom Cruise’s mature love in “Top Gun: Maverick”

Before talking about any romance or love affair, it is important to note that Tom Cruise does not look 59 years old, but in this remake of the film he meets someone 9 years younger than him, and it is about Jennifer Connellyas reviewed by the Fotogramas web portal.

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The actresswhich can also boast of that eternal youth increasingly common in Hollywoodnot only is the new love of Tom Cruise’s character but, as he told Variety before the premiere, neither was afraid or ashamed to do a love scene.

“We focus on the intimacy of how they fit into each other’s lives. I think those characters have a very tender relationship, the way she understands it. They share a moment in bed talking, and it says as much about their relationship as the sex scene from before, ”Connelly responded directly to the question in question.

He concluded by saying, “Clearly, they have some unresolved issues between them, and she handles it with humor and joy. I feel like she is someone who is positive and moving towards happiness.”

The evolution of stories in “Top Gun: Maverick”

If something makes this sequel clear, it is the evolution of its characters and the central love stories, because, if in the 1986 version the fact that the student (Tom Cruise) flirts with his attractive teacher was all an adolescent fantasy, here weighs a lifetime of experience and responsibility.

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And it is that Penny and Maverick have a lot of history together, one that we never get to tell in detail, but that is just as intense as Maverick’s career in the army. Both love each other and both hurt each other.

In such a subtle and sincere way, “Top Gun: Maverick” pays homage to the original, also in the romantic plot, but adding the heaviness and experience of those 36 years that separate them, which directly influenced the heart and the body. of its protagonists.

Although it is not known if this union will be final, the truth is that it puts the closure in an end in airplane fast-paced and full of adrenaline. (AND)

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