Selena Gómez on mental health: “It is an issue that can and should be discussed freely and without shame”

The singer, actress and businesswoman, Selena Gomezwas one of the representatives to focus on one of the most serious and urgent issues to address from public policies and measures: mental health.

Present at the Mental Health Defense Forum that took place at the White House In raising awareness of this fight, the artist assured from her social networks that “she feels more inspired than ever, but this is only the beginning.”

“Providing mental health care through the media or just speaking from your perspective can help,” Selena said during her speech.

The actress was one of the spokespersons and personalities who attended the event, where she met “with some of the brightest young leaders in defense of mental health and we discussed the paths to follow,” as she said.

Selena Gómez and her action for mental health | Photo: Instagram @selenagomez

“Just to tell a little about my trip, once I discovered what was happening to me on a mental level, there was more freedom to be okay with what I hadbecause I was learning about it… It sets the example that it is a subject that can and should be talked about freely and without shame,” he said.

Selena Gómez and her action for mental health | Photo: Instagram @selenagomez

Selena focused on the importance that all people can count on “access” to adequate treatment. “I want to challenge other companies and individuals to make a difference in the world by taking action to de-stigmatize mental health. We need all the help we can get to develop resources and services and increase youth access to those services.“, incentive.

Selena Gómez and her action for mental health | Photo: Instagram @selenagomez

It should be remembered that the entrepreneur and businesswoman allocates a part of the sales of her beauty brand Rare to the Rare Impact Fund, the application she founded to guarantee access to mental health services for young people.

In Argentinathe Law 26,657 ensures the right to protection of the mental health of all people, and protect their human rights. Relatives ask for a review of the legislation that allows them to be able to intervene to a greater extent to help those who suffer from it.

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