Rupert Grint, Ron in ‘Harry Potter’, gets into the best terror of the year

Ron Weasley, we all know, is Harry Potter’s best friend. Ron is the fantastic redhead, the tireless squire, the modern Samwise.

To review a bit: the first of the films in the saga, harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stonepremiered in 2001 and the last one, the second part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallowsin 2011. In between, another six films, playing Harry Potter one of the longest sagas in cinema. This, regarding the characters, means that we met them when they were twelve years old and their voices had not changed, and we saw live how their beards grew. Literally. Well, not Hermione.

Eleven years have passed since that last film installment of Harry Potter (yes, not counting several sequels and prequels). We see Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) quite often. In now you see me 2, for example, played a role of the most… Disturbing. And Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) is impossible not to see, because she is everywhere (thanks, the internet). However, Grint is a bit more difficult to keep track of, and that’s why fans go (we go) crazy when we discover it in something new, especially if it’s something like what I’m here to tell you about today.

But let’s review first:

The same 2011 in which the saga ended, special mention must be made of one of the most beloved appearances among Rupert’s fans: his collaboration in the Ed Sheeran video lego-housewhich I recommend you enjoy slowly.

In 2012, Rupert won, along with Watson, Radcliffe and Tom Felton, the MTV Movie Award for Best Ensemble, and he and Emma were finalists for best kiss for the morreaco that they had given in the last movie.

In 2013 he launched into the theater in the play mojo, performed at the Harold Pinter Theater in London, in the role of Sweets. The same year, she starred Super Clydea television movie in which he plays Clyde, a fast food restaurant employee who decides to become a superhero.

By the way, do you remember the movie? Football? Well, Rupert voiced Amadeo (main character) in the English version, and in Postman Pat to Josh (featured character).

In 2014 he went back on stage and acted on Broadway, in the play It’s only a gameand also won the London Newcomer of the Year Award at the Whatsonstage Awards for his participation, the previous year, in the work mojo.

In 2015 he had again a leading role in film Moonwalkersnone other than with Ron Perlmanone of the most versatile names in Hollywood.


In 2017 the jump was important, because it got into two series that, at least, attracted attention: Sick leavewhere he gave life to the protagonist, Daniel Glass, and shared a cast with Nick Frost, one of the most recognized talents in British industry. In the series, Daniel is mistakenly diagnosed with a terminal illness and he finds that everyone treats him noticeably better. When he finds out the diagnosis was wrong, he has to decide between telling the truth or continuing the charade. Guess what? very humorous british. The other, snatch: a series on prostitution, robbery and organized crime (although less hard than it may seem from the description).


When snatch came to an end, in 2018, he briefly spent as Inspector Crome in three episodes of Agatha Christie: The Mystery of the Railway Guideto arrive later, in 2019, at the most important thing he has done in recent years: the three seasons of servant, a horror series by Shyamalan, available on AppleTv, in which Grint has one of the main characters and of which he is particularly proud.

And, in case it was not clear enough how good he is at terror, this year we are going to see him in one of the most anticipated premieres of the genre by fans of fear: Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities. An anthology of sinister stories, created by Guillermo del Toro and directed, each chapter, by a different privileged horror mind, such as Jennifer Kent (Babadook), Panos Cosmatos (Mandy) or Vincenzo Natali (Splice).

This anthology will have eight episodes in total, and we know that Rupert will appear in the sixth, but, with the teaser Just released, we still don’t have an official release date. We only know that it will be this year on Netflix and that, if the cast of directors seems good to you, the cast of stars that parade before the camera is not far behind.

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