“Rubius X” premieres on July 22 in Spain and Latin America

Madrid, June 21. Forty million followers, seven billion views on YouTube and 15 million followers on social networks are the figures managed by El Rubius, creator of content recognized throughout the world, who will premiere his documentary “Rubius X” on July 22 in Spain and Latin America.

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the first video uploaded to YouTube by Rubén Doblas Gundersen (Mijas, Spain, 1990), known throughout the world as El Rubius, the Amazon Prime Video platform will premiere on July 22 a documentary “Rubius X” in which reviews the trajectory of a young man who revolutionized the internet content creation industry.

“I don’t know how I’ve come to this in my life, nothing makes sense,” says El Rubius in the trailer of just under two minutes that Amazon Prime revealed this Tuesday and in which this young man appears conducting an orchestra, flying or signing autographs.

“Rubius X”, which will be released on July 22 in Spain and Latin America (except Brazil), tells the story of how some young people, with no other intention than to have fun, built a new industry without realizing it and how it has evolved in the last ten years.

The places that have defined his life as a content creator will also be seen, “reliving great moments and telling the lesser-known part of Rubius that has led him to be the symbol of a generation,” the platform says in a note.

Coinciding with his ten years as a content creator, Rubius has reached ten million followers on Twitch. “Beyond the numbers, Rubius was named the leader of his generation by Time magazine,” he adds.

This young man has his own anime series, an online store where he sells his own clothing brand, has collaborated and appeared in cameos with Hollywood actors like Will Smith, Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence or Tom Holland, and even has his own character. in a video game.

This documentary also seeks to vindicate and recognize this industry, a revolution of creators who have achieved millionaire audiences from their own homes, “from ‘gaming’ to global entertainment”.

In addition, the documentary will feature the participation of other content creators and influential young people who have accompanied Rubius during his career, such as Mangel, Alexby and Cheeto, also pioneers in defining the language of “youtubers” and some of the most beloved faces of the gaming community. EFE


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